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Friday, 5th January 2018

Peter Cowman, Living Architecture Centre, has made his 'Sheltermaker Design Programme' free to read and download. A guide to designing and building low-impact, low-cost eco buildings.

Launched as part of the Festival of Rural Architecture & Design 2017, Peter Cowman is now giving free access to a PDF (which is downloadable) of his Sheltermaker Design Programme.

Peter Cowman BArch, is director of Living Architecture Centre:

Sheltermaker Design Programme is a comprehensive design methodology for all types of buildings particularly low-impact, low-cost ecobuildings.

It is a summary of the design process that emerged from Peter's experiences teaching his students about different building and design techniques, whilst they built their own homes.

Chapters include:

* How to start: location, budget

* Measurement: transmitting accurate information, common language of design and construction

* Environment: environmental preferences

* Materials and products: selecting materials

* Regulations

* Site analysis

* Living in your architecture

You can access the free PDF here:

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