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Edible London
Thursday, 18th June 2020

Edible London is a community interest company, bringing fresh, healthy and sustainable food to thousands of people in food poverty.

Edible London started over two years ago as a Community Interest Company in the Borough of Haringey, working towards reducing food waste and food poverty.

The challenge of food poverty grew as a result of Covid-19 and it is now more than ever a time to take action.

Having launched a redistribution centre at the end of March 2020 that currently serves more than 56,000 meals per week, Edible London needs to keep its operation going in order to help more people every day. Between food donations and a number of volunteers that went from 6 to 320 in the span of ten weeks, the impact of Edible London has grown massively, and this is far from over! Join efforts with them and help them build a tomorrow that is resilient and can evolve to meet the challenge.

Resources will be shared between the following, among other things:

- Logistics and transportation

- Certification and training

- Security, Health and Safety equipment

- Farming and office supplies

- Staff wages.

Want to help?

Have you been inspired by all the incredible things happening in local communities and worldwide?

If you can’t volunteer your time or energy yourself because you need to support yourself and those close to you, consider donating to this crowdfunding, it will allow Edible London to continue supporting those in need and work towards eliminating food poverty!

Donate to our Crowd funding page : https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/ediblelondon 

Food donations wish list: https://ediblelondon.org/wishlist

Who is Edible London?

Founded in 2018, we are a not for profit, Community Interest Company.

We raise awareness of healthy, sustainable living through the end-to-end process of farming-to-cooking. 

We support our communities by working with Haringey and London charities. 

We tackle mental health and social isolation, bringing communities together with food through educating, nurturing and giving people skills. 

We work to address food poverty and prevent malnutrition in the housed and homeless population. 

What is our mission?

  • Help those in the community who suffer from food poverty, to educate them about eating a more nutritious diet and to learn to feed their community through food growing thus creating a sustainable food network.

  • Help feed those in need in London by growing food as well as redistributing surplus food from local supermarkets.

  • Produce organically-grown food and share growing techniques, to all people. No matter what their income, their physical ability or cultural background.

What are our top goals?

  • Tackling malnutrition in the homeless sector and malnutrition in any part of our community, such as vulnerable children and the homeless.

  • Building on our commitment to mental wellbeing and putting on more events teaching people how to grow and cook food, to educate others on food sustainability. 

  • To educate the next generation with a sustainable, ethical approach to food.

What things have we done that have made the biggest impact?

  • The actual farming side, with zero funding, we have produced 15 to 20 tonnes of organic food. 

  • This is then donated to our partners who provide the meals for the vulnerable.

  • The result from the community, their wellbeing, the support network, the people.

  • Getting people inspired, who are now growing food, and really change their lives.

For more information on Edible London visit: https://ediblelondon.org

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