Is Permaculture About To Be Adopted In The Grounds of America's White House?

Tony Rollinson
Wednesday, 29th February 2012

Would you like to see permaculture attracting the attention of millions? Well, with our support, one permaculture project has the chance to appear within the grounds of the most famous house in the world. Find out how the project could be featured on mtvU and how Permaculture magazine is supporting US permaculture courses.

Members of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst's (UMass) student-led Permaculture Committee have received an invitation from the White House selecting them as finalist in the first-ever White House Campus Champions of Change Challenge.

The UMass permaculture garden project is one of 15 finalists for the Challenge. The best five teams from the short list will be invited to the White House on 15th March 2012. They will be featured on an episode of mtvU's The Dean's List.

An email was sent to Ryan Harb, the chief sustainability coordinator and certified permaculture garden designer, at UMass. It read: "We loved reading about the inspirational work you have done in your communities and even more so hearing how your projects can be implemented nationwide. It just proves that young people are making a huge impact across the country and stepping up at time when we need it the most."

If successful the UMass project will have the chance to place permaculture in front of millions of people.

We don't normally suggest that our reader's vote for competitions, but in this case we are sure some of you will find the time to support UMass and possibly help put permaculture on the map.

We have until Saturday 3rd March 2012 to vote for the UMass team. Here is the link to vote for them:

Finally, if you are running a permaculture course in America we have a limited quantity of a recent issue of Permaculture magazine for you to give to your students? All you have to do is contact [email protected] and he will make the arrangements for you. This scheme has worked well in the UK and Europe.