UK Gets First Nationwide Electric Car Charging Network

Tony Rollinson
Thursday, 28th July 2011

This week the UK’s first national motorway charging station network for electric cars was launched. We ask if any of our readers have an electric car, or plug in hybrid car?

Green energy company Ecotricity will have installed free power points at 12 Welcome Break service stations around the UK by September 2011. A further will 17 follow later in the year.

It means the UK is the first country to offer such a service, and it should lead to the further investment and technological developments for electric vehicles.

Welcome Break's power outlets offer two socket types - a three-pin for 13A current supply (which has a recharge time of 12 hours) and a seven-pin socket for a higher 32A supply (which means a charge can be administered within 20 minutes and a full charge in just one hour).

The price of electric cars is currently cost prohibitive for many but such initiatives could be key to brining the prices of electric cars down. The UK government is also to offer subsidies of up to £5,000 to boost electric car sales or plug-in hybrid vehicles.

There are currently 2,000 electric cars on the UK's roads but there is a growing waiting list. The government aims to have 8,000 recharge points across the UK by 2013. Our question is do any of the readers of Permaculture have an electric or hybrid car and what advantages are you seeing?

There are of course questions about the green credentials of these vehicles, but with Ecotricity and Welcome Break jumping on board we could be set to see some big steps forward in electric transport. 

MarissaBayerns |
Thu, 22/03/2012 - 09:35

There are states that are already preparing the electric vehicles are some are ready to give commission grants. The need for charging stations is growing and once there are enough station to supply the need to of the transportation industry many will be confident in getting electric vehicles. When individuals purchase electric automobiles though, they will get federal tax credits. In addition there are an increasing number of third-party companies that convert regular automobiles to electric automobiles, and those vehicles qualify for the EV tax credit too.