Tool share websites offer a cheap and green solution
Thursday, 26th January 2012

Tool share and hiring websites are on the up - could you make use of products you bought but rarely use?

Hiring out your rarely-used garden and household tools can make you money and help reduce the global demand for such energy-intensive goods. But letting people know about what you have to offer can be tricky.

Now, with the rise of websites such as,, and (the latter with an emphasis on free sharing), it has become easier than ever to find whatever tool or service you need, locally, and for a resonable price.

All of the sites offer simple ways to advertise and rent products and services, although some have more extensive databases than others, and a search across each is recommended.

A report for the veteran of the second-hand/hire economy,, recently estimated that the average UK home contains as much as £600 worth of unused or rarely used items.

If you know of any other tool/equipment sharing sites or services, please post a comment below.