Free The Hikers – Permaculture Activists Currently In Iranian Prison

Tony Rollinson
Wednesday, 24th August 2011

Shane Bauer and permaculturist Josh Fattal have been detained in Iran since July 2009, when news reports say they accidentally crossed an unmarked border during a hiking trip in the mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan. They were in a peaceful region of Iraq. We hope you will read this piece, and its related links, and consider offering your support to their release.

31st July 2011 marked exactly two years since Iranian authorities seized three Americans – Shane Bauer, Josh Fatta, and Sarah Shourd – in the mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan and falsely accused them of espionage on behalf of the US government. All three are progressive, anti-imperialist activists, which not only makes the charges against them particularly absurd, but also may explain why the American administration has done so little to free them.

Shourd was released last September and returned to the United States, but Bauer and Fattal remain imprisoned. The two have still not been allowed to have even a brief meeting with their lawyer.

A petition is posted at It also provides ways to send letters to US and Iranian officials and shows how to help organize actions to protest against the detention and demand their release.

There is also a campaign calling on people to contact the Iranian interest section in Washington in the lead-up to their trial:

Portrait of Three Activists

Bauer, Fattal and Shourd were graduates of the University of California. Fattal's major passions were sustainable agriculture, food justice and permaculture, which he pursued at the Aprovecho Research Center in Oregon, the organisation who pioneered the development rocket stoves.

With support from the Investigative Fund of The Nation Institute and the Center for Investigative Reporting, Bauer was working as a freelance journalist in various countries in the Middle East, exposing a number of aspects of US policy in the region. Along with his friend Dahr Jamail, he was one of the few independent journalists in Baghdad.

Shourd was teaching English as a volunteer with the Iraqi Student Project, which was set up to help refugees whose education had been interrupted by the US invasion and occupation.

All three were actively involved with Direct Action to Stop the War in organising nonviolent action campaigns against the US occupation of Iraq.


View this website for more information: 

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Fisk |
Thu, 25/08/2011 - 00:51

I met Josh years ago at Aprovecho where he worked. There was a special gathering filled with beautiful food from the garden, music, and laughter. The highlight of the celebration was when people circled around the Evening Primrose to watch them open. Now Josh and his friend Shane sit in an Iranian prison where they have been for 2 years. Their recent sentence and the charges brought against them are an outrageous injustice. Learn more about this campaign and how you can help by logging onto