2019 Winners of Hildur Jackson Award for Regenerative Solutions

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Monday, 7th October 2019

African educational programme wins annual prize from the Global Ecovillage Network and Gaia Trust.

The 2019 Hildur Jackson Award winner is ReScope Programme, Africa.

The prize is awarded to projects bringing the most impactful inspiration about ecovillages/ecovillage lifestyles to a broad audience. Thirty two ecovillages and sustainable projects from all over the world applied to the 2019 edition of the Hildur Jackson Award.

The ReScope Programme was particularly recognised this year for their accomplishments in disseminating green technologies and permaculture techniques in five different African countries: Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Congratulations to the ReScope Programme!

Watch the interview with ReScope representative, Mugove Walter Nyika: https://ecovillage.org/hildur-jackson-award-2019/

ReScope main accomplishments in 2019

The Green Economy and Social Enterprise for Climate Resilience is their flagship project in Zambia and the region of east and southern Africa as a whole. The project, which is implemented in partnership with the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) with support of the Scottish Government is empowering more than 300 smallholder farmers in 10 village communities to diversify their farming into drought tolerant traditional crops and high value crops which they are learning to process into value added products.

Marginalised groups in these communities, who include single mothers, unemployed youths, the differently abled and the elderly have formed social enterprise groups that are into natural building, value addition and marketing. Children in the participating school communities are acquiring similar skills through inter-generational learning and practising them on school land.

The partnership between GEN and ReSCOPE has enabled 40 trainers from the participating communities to be trained in social enterprise development and making of rocket stoves by Sonita Mbah, a GEN consultant from the Cameroon. The trainers were also empowered in value addition skills by Mathews Mpofu from Malawi.

For more information on the project and the award, visit: https://ecovillage.org/hildur-jackson-award-2019/

Hildur Jackson Award: For Ecovillage Projects and Regenerative Solutions

The Global Ecovillage Network is made up of thousands of individuals and communities all over the world, innovating, rediscovering and implementing regenerative, just and pioneering ways of living together. The Hildur Jackson Award is given to extraordinary projects and exceptional solutions that bring the most impactful inspiration about ecovillages/ecovillage lifestyles into a broad audience. Together with Gaia Trust, GEN developed the Hildur Jackson Award, a €3,000 annual prize that supports and honours projects around the world that demonstrate regenerative best-practices in all dimensions of sustainability.

The prize is awarded to projects bringing the most impactful inspiration about ecovillages/ecovillage lifestyles to a broad audience. The 2019 prize will honour an Extraordinary Project (€3,000) and was open to ecovillage communities or projects worldwide.


In 2004, Gaia Trust initiated the GAIA Excellence Award, given to a single European community who demonstrated admirable efforts to create a better world. The winner was chosen by the Council of GEN Europe, and was awarded at the annual GEN Europe Conference.

In the past years it shifted to being awarded to more than one project, and from more than one region (adding GEN Africa and also CASA). It was decided in the GEN Board that from 2016 onwards the Award will be a global one, and re-named ‘Hildur Jackson Award’, after GEN’s late founder.

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