International Permaculture Conference & Convergence 2011

Tony Rollinson
Friday, 19th August 2011

The world’s premier permaculture gathering, IPC10, is taking place in Jordan during September 2011. Even if you cannot attend we tell you how you can support the event, put your project literally on the global permaculture map AND you can WIN two tickets to see Jimmy Cliff live in London this September. Read on …

The 10th International Permaculture Conference and Convergence (IPC10) will be held in Jordan next month. You can still attend, for more details view the IPC website:

The theme is Plan Jordan – Water. Jordan is one of the most water-stressed nations on earth, with low precipitation, ultra-high levels of evaporation, little vegetation cover and the people are depleting aquifer water faster than it can be replenished. Jordan, and as we are seeing in North East Africa, is facing a very challenging future.

IPC brings together some of the world's most capable permaculture practitioners, enabling them to share knowledge and inspiration – something which is increasingly needed around the world.

IPC observe that "Permaculture continues to spread like wildfire globally, proving itself as one of the only complete, solutions-based approaches to the growing challenges in availability of water, food, energy and resources. The solutions offered also address poverty, human induced climate change, species extinction, peak oil and pollution".

The key dates at IPC10 are:

Permaculture Design Course 3 - 15 September, Amman.

Conference Gala Opening Dinner 16 September, Amman.

Conference Day 17 September, Amman.

Convergence 19 - 22 September, Wadi Rum.

Various tours run from 23 September.

The Permaculture Map

Even if you cannot attend this year's IPC you can still be a part of Permaculture globally. The Permaculture Research Institute have a permaculture map, which allows you to add your project's details. It is a great way to be seen to be a part of the Worldwide Permaculture Network


Jimmy Cliff tickets to be won. Graphic by Rich MixWIN Jimmy Cliff Tickets

Finally, anyone reading this news item is welcome to be in our prize draw to win 2 tickets to see reggae legend Jimmy Cliff live at at Indig02, Greenwich, London on Saturday 3rd Sepember 2011 (for details of other Jimmy Cliff shows worldwide please view his website). To enter the draw you need to email [email protected] by Tuesday 23rd August 2011 with your name, address and telephone number and you will be entered in the draw (winners to be announced on Wednesday 24th August 2011), ensure the subject of your email reads JIMMY CLIFF DRAW, thank you.


The Permaculture Association in collaboration with Permaculture magazine (we are an official sponsor of IPC10 and are sending out copies of the magazine to support the delegates, tutors and students), is asking members and readers to help delegates from poorer countries attend IPC10. There is still time to help with a donation of any size. Send cheques to the Permaculture Association, marked IPC10, or online via paypal. Contact details at the Permaculture Association's website.