Come to the 2012 Nordic Permaculture Festival!

Tony Rollinson
Friday, 18th May 2012

Last year the first Nordic Permakultur festival was created in Denmark with the intention to become a festival that alternates between our Nordic countries. The 2012 Nordic Permaculture Festival takes place between 23-26 August in Ängsbacka, Sweden. There are many ways to participate as well as enjoy the festival, so read on for further details.

The team running the event say that this year's festival will 'not just be a forum for Permaculture experts, but for everyone who are inspired to live in deeper relationship with mother earth and to learn and love her expression and boundaries'. 

The Nordic Permaculture Festival 2012 will be a place to meet, share knowledge, ideas and wisdom. The idea is to create a festival where there is no difference between the workshop-holders, musicians and participants. The result is that everyone pays the same price and contribute to the basic structure of the festival through holding workshops, washing dishes or cooking for instance. The price of the ticket corresponds to Ängsbackas costs of keeping the festival and the team arranging it are all working on a voluntary basis. The real value will be in meeting and sharing skills and gifts.

There will be several practical workshops which will become functional, ecological solutions. One aim is to develop some of the existing garden into an edible forest garden and build several compost toilets. There will also be theoretical workshops and forums aiming to share each other´s knowledge of permaculture, while exchanging ideas and building networks. 

In the evenings there will be space for music dance and play. Ängsbacka´s open stage is known for its creativity and heartening atmosphere, so everyone will be able to share their creativity here. Feel free to bring instruments, take an evening swim in the lake or just hang out by the fire or on the cafe stairs to enjoy the company of your new friends.

The festival's food will be vegetarian and organic, with the ingredients coming from their own garden and organic farmers in the nearby area. One goal is to serve food and emphasize some of the crops and perennials to inspire and spread knowledge about how to use them. There will be vegan and gluten free options. There will also be a seed swap.

As with last year, there will be a Nordic market where you can exchange and sell your own organic products. The more people who bring things the better. Even if you just bring a small amount, it can still be valuable as a source of inspiration for others. 

If you wish to hold a workshop, or contribute to the festival (this could include donating building materials or forest garden plants, donating or selling organic food for the festival's kitchen etc. then do view their website and get in touch. If you have thoughts or questions please send an email to: [email protected]