Permaculture Movie TEOTWAWKI Seeking American and UK Participants

Tony Rollinson
Friday, 17th February 2012

As reported in the current edition of Permaculture magazine (issue 71) a new film, TEOTWAWKI, is being shot during 2012. The producers are seeking American and UK participants, writers and sponsors to be part of the groundbreaking production. The film aims to inspire people wanting to build a better future. It will explore permaculture, low impact and off-grid living, bushcraft and wild food. If you want more details then read on as we offer you the red carpet route to knowing more.

After two years of producing popular environmental documentaries and online video series, Undercurrents are now going to produce a movie entitled Teotwawki (The End of The World as We Know It).

Andrew Price, the presenter of A-Z of Bushcraft, will play himself in a fictional documentary as a man seeking a new way of life after the economic collapse of society. Undercurrents are seeking people who are preparing for a collapse of society and asking them if they would like to help write a scene for the movie.

Andrew will travel across the UK and USA meeting communities creating positive ways of living. These will be people and communities who are generating their own energy, growing their own food and building their own homes.

The film aims to be an inspiring resource for people wanting to build a better future. It will explore permaculture, low impact and off-grid living, bushcraft and wild food.

Undercurrents need to raise $20,000, or around £15,000, worth of funding and are asking viewers and fans to get involved, either as funders or promoters. Everyone who gives funding will get a perk, either a role in the movie, a DVD or a survival course.

They plan to start filming for TEOTWAWKI in September 2012 and are currently building up a list of locations both in the UK (projects in Wales, where Undercurrents are based, are already confirmed) and the USA.

Check out the website and see if you can help by promoting this link on your Facebook, blog or website:

Andre Barbarian |
Sat, 18/02/2012 - 11:29

salute , want to look in to web. ...and nothing ?
love the idea ..good luck. andre

Paul O'Connor |
Sat, 18/02/2012 - 12:54

This is the website for the movie.

Anyone who wants to get involved, drop us a line via the website

Christine Van Den Meerssche |
Sat, 18/02/2012 - 20:09

Would you include Canada i your travels ?

Paul O'Connor |
Mon, 20/02/2012 - 12:02

We are thinking about Canada but it all depends if we get the funding.

If we don't raise the funds, we will film it all in the UK. So please spread word of our funding drive.
Details on

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