WIN Sunrise Festival Tickets

Tony Rollinson
Saturday, 16th March 2013

Sunrise: Another World are offering the chance to win two tickets to this year's event in Somerset. Simply read on and answer the question.

Taking place between Thursday 30th May and Monday 3rd June 2013 Sunrise: Another World has a fab monika announcing it is 'powered by the sun'.

As well being a festival full of music, workshops, dance, healing, talks, children's events, even a sauna it also boasts a permaculture garden and terrific range of permaculture talks organised by Sarah Pugh.

To win tickets simple answer this question. Which of these permaculture groups is Sarah Pugh connected with:
A. Shift Yourself
B. Shifty Looking Bloke Selling Dodgy Watches
C. Shift Bristol 

Please email your answer to [email protected]

Closing date for entries is Friday 31st March 2013, we will email the winner on Tuesday 2nd April 2013. Best of luck everyone!

5 Key Principles that you may like to know about the Sunrise Micronation  

The Sunrise Micronation will be  a beacon of sustainability. We will grow and develop balancing the social, economic and environmental  impacts of our activities. We believe we have the most comprehensive sustainability policy and strategy of all UK music festivals. 

We believe that the human race has a bright future. We have evolved from plankton to become the most complex organism on this planet. Our potential is unlimited. Through responsible management of our resources and thoughtful development of our society we can create a world that works for all inhabitants of our planet. We have a responsibility to change the trajectory we are currently on. In the words of Ghandi we should “Be the change you want to see in the world”. We intend to be that change.

A core value in our new nation, we believe that through education and information, we can create a society that is fair, just, prosperous,  and yet still considering and making provision for future generations. No more short term gain at the expense of our children’s futures. We are all interdependent, with each other and with the wider world and our natural environment. We believe in strong communities that reflect this interdependence, and at a wider level we actively seek out and establish dialogue with like minded organisations and nations within the global community. We strive for the creation of a cooperative and supportive society, one which respects alternative points of view and celebrates diversity.

Civilization is in a state of imbalance. Our micronation aims to be a state in balance. We believe that growth is not always the answer, that there are sometimes limits to growth and that this can be a sign of maturity and attainment of balance. Balance for the individual begins with harmonising mind, body and soul. We aim to provide a home for a multitude of practical applications and paths for achieving inner balance. As balanced individuals we can work together to create strong, vibrant, healthy and unified communities. 

Embracing diversity - and with a spirit of community and shared purpose - we believe absolutely that life is to be celebrated, lived fully, with a sense of adventure and joy in the heart. The Sunrise: Another World festival is a grand celebration of life - a vibrant, dynamic, foot-stompingly fantastic medley of music and delight, bringing together a diverse miscellany of diverse cultures. This gathering of the tribes will result in a wild, raucous celebration of the joy and privilege we share in simply being alive.

For further information please contact Will Gethin at Conscious Frontiers: 07795 204 833; will [at]