Permaculture Calendar 2013 Competition

Tony Rollinson
Tuesday, 14th August 2012

The 2013 Permaculture Calendar illustrating the 12 principles is out now. We have three copies to give away this week in our exclusive competition - plus announcing The Earth Pathways Diary 2013!

Illustrating the 12 permaculture design principles, the 2013 Permaculture Calendar is a great way to get organised and share your schedule in your home or workplace. Filled with inspirational and thought-provoking images that reinforce the thinking required to create a rich and rewarding future, the Calendar is sure to turn heads and inspire a new generation.

Integrate rather than segregateBy embodying the permaculture ethics the calendar has a light footprint on the earth, and is a positive contribution to the people who produced it. To demonstrate the ethic of Fair Share, 10% of net sales from the Calendar will be donated to Permafund, supporting permaculture projects internationally, creating a truely ethical product. 

The team here at Permaculture Magazine think this is a great idea, it looks terrific and is certainly worth supporting. 

The calendar is available from - follow the links. The calendar is an Australian production, but includes photgraphs from around the world (in fact, our very own Ben Law is featured on the 'Obtain A Yield' page). As well as Australia, other images have been sent in from Africa and Europe. We want this international visual representation of permaculture grow and grow. The price works out at $12 Australian Dollars - which is about £8 sterling (this varies depending on the exchange rate) but there is a SPECIAL OFFER: Order a twin pack and receive free postage worldwide. 

Also, why not contribute to future Permaculture Calendars? One of the ways that Richard Telford and the team who put the Calendar together get people to think about the principles behind permaculture is by contributing to their photolog. They ask that people send in a photograph illustrating one of the design principles, with a short explanation (up to 80 words) about what is contained in the photograph. The image will feature on the homepage and in the photolog. Do have a look at the photolog for current examples.


Design from patterns to detailsWin a copy of the 2013 Permaculture Calendar: 

Ahead of sending off for a copy, which we would love you to do (thus supporting the Permafund charity), we are offering three of our readers the chance to wIn a copy of the Calendar. All you have to do is to answer this question: In which country was permaculture founded:
A Australia
B Brasil
C Cyprus
Email your answer to [email protected]

The competition ends Monday 20th August 2012. The winners will be notified the day afterwards. All the very best of luck! 


The Earth Pathways 2013 DiaryThe Earth Pathways 2013 Diary

Finally, if it is a diary you are needing, then the ever popular The Earth Pathways 2013 Diary is now available for just £13.50 from our sister site, or call 01730 823 311.

Last year’s diary sold out quickly, so order your copy early.

The Earth Pathways Diary is a celebration of the work of UK artists and writers who share a deep love of our land and a vision of a sustainable future for all and is put together by the Moonshare Co-operative.

More than just a diary, it is a networking resource and inspiration for the growing community of people who are willing to actively create positive change in their lives for the benefit of The Earth.

All the contributions are placed within the seasonal cycle of the Celtic Wheel of the Year. It includes moon phases and signs, sunrise and sunset times, moonrise and moonset and some astrological information for the UK.

It has a page-a-week view, month-at-a-view planners, year planner and notes pages.