Why we need a new code of leadership and the Ecocide campaign

Polly Higgins
Tuesday, 13th December 2011

In the wake of the failed climate talks in South Africa, Polly Higgins reports an increasing interest in Ecocide as a way forward to control climate change and calls for support for the campaign to make Ecocide a new international law.

I've just returned from the climate change talks in Durban. Like many I of course hoped for an unlikely breakthrough, and like many I was hoping to see our world leaders step up and face the challenge head on. Success can be measured in many ways. My measurement of success is when our leaders put in place laws to prevent massive climate change and assist those who are at risk of being most adversely impacted. That didn't happen.

There is another way. An international crime of Ecocide is a way that we can seek climate justice. Making Ecocide law was advocated in Durban by some important names including Nnimmo Bassey, chair of Friends of the Earth, and Pablo Sólon, the former UN Ambassador for Bolivia. "This Ecocide law may be the only way to make climate criminals rethink their crimes of commission and omission," said Bassey.

Polly HigginsTo do this requires moral leadership. Leadership that puts people and planet first. More and more people are voicing this need. When our leaders act upon their duty to their people, closing the door to injustice will become the new norm. A wave of dialogue is now forming; one based on legacy, leadership and Earth law. If ever there was a time for humanity to demonstrate moral leadership, it is now.

Now, more than ever we need to build a campaign – but it's only possible with your support. In Durban I met with many who agreed that we need a new moral code based on laws for the Earth such as Ecocide and Earth Rights. I met with faith leaders, politicians, youths, people who are already changing their world and their businesses. We need to reach millions more by the time of the Earth Summit in June next year – the most important environment summit for 20 years and our best chance of getting a law of Ecocide.

In just five days we have raised nearly £5,000 in our End of Year Appeal, to launch a major outreach campaign in 2012. Please join the growing number of people who have already donated and help reach our target of £30,000. This could be the most important gift you give this Christmas. Help make Ecocide a crime and it will be a legacy that protects people and planet for the years and generations to come. We have a window of opportunity to make this happen in 2012 and with your help we can launch a global campaign to make Ecocide a crime.

With gratitude and hope.


To learn more about the Ecocide Campaign go to http://www.thisisecocide.com/ 

To donate please go to: http://www.justgiving.com/theearthcommunitytrust/Donate 

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