Volunteers Young & Old Needed For Roundwood Shelter Build

Tony Rollinson
Wednesday, 11th April 2012

Would you like to learn some valuable natural building and permaculture community skills? And involve your kids? Volunteers are needed for a roundwood timber frame construction inspired by Ben Law.

Help is needed in the re-building of a shelter which used to be a game-keeper's hut. The aim is to enable it now to be used by the local community for a woodland school, nursery and gathering space. 

The build is taking place in Edmondsham, Dorset and is relying on volunteers for most of the work – local families who will use the shelter and people from further afield who want to learn more about working with and in woodlands.

The specific project of re-building the shelter is an exciting, inclusive way of approaching spaces that can be used by the whole community. As with Ben Law's community built Lodsworth Larder local shop the very community set to use and benefit from the finished building can also be involved in the design and build. The Edmondsham shelter is being led by an experienced architect and the director of a nursery. But, the skills and time of others are needed to make it a reality - and it offers genuine hands-on experience for those who wish to aquire building skills that perhaps they have been itching to develop.

They are looking for people through May, June and July 2012 – and probably again in the autumn. The work will include basic tasks (digging, bark-stripping, moving materials) through to more skilled work (cutting and joining wood). The team are aiming for a frame-raising day on the 19th May. After that the work will include roofing, flooring, cladding. They can offer lunch on working days and some free accommodation ('rudimentary camping' is how they described it to Permaculture magazine).

The project team are massively keen to involve families, including their children. There will be weekends on which the work will specifically be geared towards activities to include younger people so as that they can safely get involved. "This kind of building offers the chance for children to be more involved in the co-creation of their own environments," says one of the project's coordinators Emily Charkin. "This challenges the paradigm which informs schemes such as Building Schools for the Future and new academies – in which shiny inhuman buildings are provided and in which teachers' and children's roles in creating the learning space are completely passive."

For further details please contact: 07967 343 231 or [email protected]

For further information on Ben Law's roundwood timber framing and other courses, open days and his books please view: www.ben-law.co.uk 


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