Top 5 Permaculture related articles of the week

The Permaculture Magazine Office
Friday, 10th August 2012

Here are 5 permaculture news stories from around the world that have grabbed our attention this week (Saturday 4th - Friday 10th August). There are a lot of good growing and food features out there, and we present a few here, along with an event that permaculture people can connect with.

Top 5 Permaculutre related articles from the week:

1. We like The Independent's Joy Larkcom piece 'The Way We Cook and Grow our Greens'.  Joy Larkcom is one of the UK's foremost writers on the subject of organic vegetable gardening, encouraging everyone to grow their own, even on the smallest of plots.  She travelled extensively across Europe and Asia sourcing new varieties of vegetable and salad crops.  She discovered purslanes, chicories and endives and is to be thanked by all of you who grow cut-and-come-again lettuces.  Read more in The Independent's article. 


The Good Food March is happening across Europe2. The cost of food will be a topic of increasing importance. The Good Food March is anticipated to be the largest civil society action ever organised on the reform of the EU's Common Agricultural Policy.  The initiative is being organised by 8 civil society organisations, including Slow Food International and IFOAM EU Group, and is now supported by over 70 additional groups. The organisers are calling for a greener and fairer food and farming policy for the next 7 years (and beyond). As this is the first time that the EU Parliament is voting on the reform of the most expensive, and one of the oldest, policies in the EU - citizens have a real chance to influence its future post-2013. The Good Food March starts in August and will see bikes tours from across Europe to Brussels (all arriving on 19th September), national level events, including picnics in front of the FAO in Rome, and a international photo campaign asking people to send their message for the future of food and farming they want to see. You can see the photos by Clicking here.The organisers are keen to raise the profile of the event in the UK and there is a bike tour leaving from Calais at the start of September. If you wish to be involved do get in touch with them via their website above.


3.  IGrowVeg is a ‘how to’ website on all things leafy green! We were thrilled when we came across this website by Tracey Bacon from Essex. Tracey is an avid vegetable grower aiming to share her discoveries and advice to anyone who is eager and curious to grow their own vegetables. Whether you are a green-fingered fiend or just wanting to set-up your own kitchen window with some herbs, ‘IGrowVeg’ will provide you with guides, advice and seasonal suggestions for all you veggie growing fans. We have certainly found some of her articles useful!

New human skull discovered4. This week it was reported that a new species of Human almost 2 million years-old has been discovered in Kenya. The BBC News website covered this, Click here to view.  They report that anthropologists have discovered three human fossils that are dated between 1.78 and 1.95 million years old consisting of a face, two jawbones and some teeth. The discovery has allowed for researches to say with more certainty that we have evolved from a range of human species rather than a single trail of evolution from our primate years. A truly mind-boggling discovery that really makes you think about how we came to be who we are today; and also where are we headed?




5. Finally, following on from all the food related pieces, it is worth reflecting on the wildly fluctuating weather systems across much of the globe the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) are reporting that the price of food has risen again. It is another indicator that we each have to plan to be more resilient in our habits and planning, and this is where permaculture does come in and help you. You CAN grow more of your own, you can create wildlife and companion planting resilience around your own home, allotment and smallholding. Click here for more from the FAO report and get thinking positively about what you can be doing.

We always like to hear from our readers about what effects them from the news each week, so please leave any suggestions or comments in the ‘comments’ box below.