Permaculture Recommended to the Good Web Guide by Yeo Valley Managing Director

Tony Rollinson
Tuesday, 8th November 2011

Permaculture magazine's website has been given a major thumbs-up by Tim Mead, Managing Director of the groundbreaking (and fun!) organic farm Yeo Valley. Read what he has to say on The Good Web Guide's site today, it makes you smile to see how permaculture is now reaching more people than ever before.

When asked to name his favourite website by The Good Web Guide Tim Mead of Yeo Valley had no hesitation on saying this about over very own site: "Permaculture - Everything you did not think you needed to know and then realising that knowing it is good. A publication full of lots of interesting articles and ideas dedicated to sustainable living, a perfect way for me to keep in touch with the cutting edge of the sustainability movement." You can read his complete interview here: Tim Mead's Good Web Guide Interview.

It is further encouragement as to the every broadening scope of permaculture and of the work that we are doing on our website to make it ever more relevant and encouraging to people in these challenging times. We would of course recommend you subscribe to Permaculture magazine, attend a permaculture course or event and join the Permaculture Association.

Yeo Valley have gained respect for their 100% organic products and farming practices and their approach to renewable energy generation. Their hilarious adverts are worth a look (on their website) if you have not seen them already. All we can say is "Thanks Tim, yeo-beauty"!