Permaculture Helps Greenpeace Celebrate Its 40th Birthday

Tony Rollinson
Thursday, 8th September 2011

Greenpeace is inviting people to share its 40th birthday with them in a variety of ways during September 2011. Below, Permaculture magazine presents a few suggestions for you to support their campaigns this month. We are sure some of our readers have plans of their own – if so we would love to hear from you and even see a photograph of your event.

Forty years ago this month, on 15th September 1971, a small team of activists set sail in a small fishing boat from Canada to protest about nuclear testing. Since then, the Greenpeace movement has grown to 2.8 million members around the world.

Here are a four things you can do to help Greenpeace celebrate reaching the big 4-0.

Bid on the experience of a lifetime

To raise money for the new Rainbow Warrior, launching this year, Greenpeace are running a celebrity auction. There's over forty items up for sale, from a Picasso print to the chance to meet famous faces such as Lionel Messi and Jay Kay. The auction runs until 21st September 2011.

Buy Greenpeace a birthday gift

They have launched a special edition Greenpeace Giving Gift. It's £10 and is llike a gift voucher. Your donation could be spent on any aspect of their work, and will be directed where the money is most needed.

Throw a party for Greenpeace

If you fancy showing off your baking skills you could throw a Flour Power party and raise some money for Greenpeace. If you're feeling adventurous, you could even have a 1971 theme with hippy 'Flower Power' fancy dress, again using the event as a fund raiser.

Flash the plastic

If you sign-up for a Greenpeace credit card in the month of September 2011, the Co-operative Bank will give Greenpeace £30, double the usual £15. They'll also give Greenpeace a further £2.50 if you use your card within the first 6 months, and 25p for every £100 you spend.

Contribute details

For details of how to contribute, bid, buy or donate to Greenpeace please visit their website:

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