Britain's Seed Bombing Bicycling Girls

Tony Rollinson
Tuesday, 8th May 2012

Our favourite visitors to The Sustainability Centre so far this Spring have been the bicycling girls of Seed Bomb Britain. The three girls are currently cycling around our fair isle, visiting permaculture projects, communities, transition towns and educational institutes to learn and share ideas and skills along the way. Keep up with their progress and perhaps invite them along and share some time with them yourselves!

The girls of Seed Bomb Britain believe that seed-bombing will be a fun way to interact with the communities they meet.

They hope that othres may join the cycle ride as they go, even if its just for the day. The main seeds they will be throwing are bee and insect loving wild flowers and wild foods. These are good for foraging and are a way to address and highlight our dwindling biodiversity across the UK, especially in the countryside.

Already the girls have met some wonderful people and communities. They have made seed bombs with children, visited the wonderful Hackney Forest Garden, learnt about sustainable beekeeping, helped build a bean yard and met the super tasty folk of People's Kitchen (who make delicious dishes from food that otherwise would have been thrown away). Along the way people are offering them food and place to rest their tired legs, hence their sojourn here at The Sustainability Centre.

More recently they have visited Monkton Wyld in Dosert, passed through Exeter via Axminster, Newton Abbott and are currently on their way to Totnes to visit the Transition Network. From there they have to decide on whether to go West to Tavistock or start to head north.
The Seed Bomb Britain girls on their bikesThey would love to meet more people intersted in permaculture and cycling on their journey - you can bet they need the support with the amount of rain we have had recently. Looking ahead throughout May, their root north will go via Yeovil and Shepton Mallet in the hope of visiting Tinkers Bubble, then onto Bristol (if anyone can help they are still looking for accommodation there). Then will take in Stroud to visit their housing cooperative, then over to Hereford and Ragmans Farm and hopefully Lammas. They will then head north through Wales, Manchester up to Scotland.

Their exploits bring back memories of the Troubadours of Albion feature we ran in Permaculture 59. Three young men walked around Britain with no money, only a repetoire of traditional songs as in the tradition of Medieval troubadours of Europe. The girls are inspiring the same feelings of joy.

You can see lots of pictures from the girls' travels on their Bicycle Blog They aim to update about once a week and you can follow their more regular twitter posts @seedbombbicycle 

In the meantime, we leave you with this song and video which may explain a little of what the Seed Bomb Britain girls are trying to achieve: 


Philip Booth |
Thu, 31/05/2012 - 14:16

Short film when they visited Stroud: