20 Things You (probably) Don’t Know About The New Issue Of Permaculture magazine

Tony Rollinson
Thursday, 7th February 2013

The new issue of Permaculture magazine is now available. Here is a little further insight into how we put the magazine together

As well as all of the innovative, practical articles there are heaps of other reasons to pick-up a copy or tell friends about. So, read on and learn about the amazing opportunities which appear in our classified section, hear why we review the books, DVDs, tools and products we do and hurry to win a place on a Full Permaculture Design Course, worth £800, entry ends 14th February 2013!

1 Straight down to business! This month, you can win a place on a Full Permaculture Design Course, worth £800. By simply taking out a 2 year subscription to Permaculture magazine before Thursday 14th February 2013 you will be placed into a draw for this fantastic prize! See page 86 of Permaculture magazine Issue 75 for further details. 

2 Permaculture magazine remains fiercely independent allowing us to print the features, news and reviews we like and carry advertising only from companies we admire.

3 Permaculture magazine’s co-founding editor Tim Harland did his Permaculture Design Course with Patrick Whitefield 

4 We asked Permaculture’s editor, Maddy Harland, for her favourite article in this issue: “I can't have a favourite article because I love them all” she replied “but I am hugely inspired by the work done by permaculturists in the Amazon. They show that agroforestry systems can be a part of earth restoration in areas where the rainforest has been felled and provide food, medicines and fuels and a high level of biodiversity.”

5 We are often told how inspiring Maddy’s editorials are. We asked her what she would have added to the current editorial, had she had more space: “I think perhaps a little more detail about how the guerrilla pruners are transforming their city in California and more about Mary Clear and Edible Edible Todmorden. She has a wonderful sense of humour. I enjoyed it so much I had to watch it at least 4 times. It lifted my spirits. I'd also have reflected on some of our successes in the garden despite all the rain.”

6 Did you know you can buy PDF versions of Permaculture magazine for just £2.95, also it is a great way to introduce your friends to the permaculture world.

7 Looking to get muddy this year? Our extensive 2013 Guide to Festivals, Fairs & Events is the first festival round-up of the year and a great way to be ahead of the game when booking those tickets. Plus, you can WIN festival tickets (see page 47 for details).

8 Did you know we list all Full Permaculture Design and Introduction to Permaculture courses for FREE in the magazine and online. All we ask is that you send us all the details in our standard format. We would love American permaculture courses to be included in these listings ... so, do get in touch!

9 We offer UK and overseas tutors & students a FREE back issue of Permaculture (one for each student). All we ask is that overseas courses cover the price of postage. Plus, you and your students will receive 30% OFF all books published by Permanent Publications. Contact us for more details.

10 Permaculture magazine is student friendly! Student James Waterton, is on the final year of a Bsc in Garden Design and currently writing a dissertation titled Can Permaculture be classed as a new style of Garden Design? He asks has permaculture grown? Well, the print edition of Permaculture magazine started in 1992, with a readership of 600. It now has a readership of over 100,000 across 77 countries. In reply James says “As a reader of Permaculture magazine I love how each issue provides new and interesting articles … and the magazines are proving a fantastic start point for research!”

11 Our website has over 1.1m hits per year now, so yes, permaculture is most definitely growing. The magazine has some incredible opportunities, for instance see this issue for details about how a project in the Bahamas want a Permaculture Manager for an immediate start! 

12 It’s issue number 75! Three quarters of a century! How did that happen? We’re glad it did, and it is wonderful to see permaculture growing in the UK, acrsoss the USA and worldwide.

13 All of our reviews, be they for books, DVDs, tools or products are written by the Permaculture magazine team here, or people close to us, after we have used and tested these ourselves. For instance, our very own John Adams reviews a rip saw, a Gransfors Bruks long handled splitting axe and a storm lantern … all of which he has been using this winter.

14 The photograph on the front cover of the magazine was taken by Rebecca Meyers and features a project in America called City Slickers, as featured in the new book The Vegetable Gardener’s Guide To Permaculture. We love photographers sending us pictures of people 'doing' permaculture for potential front covers! 

15 In this issue our reader’s solutions include how to grow pea shoots on the windowsill and how to produce artist’s charcoal in a biscuit tin. Cool and useful!

16 You can place a classified advert in Permaculture magazine for as little as £30 per issue PLUS your advert appears on our website. It means you can reach hundreds of thousands of people. Bargain!

17 Increasingly our classified advertisers are giving our readers terrific offers. So, if you want to save money on holidays, gifts or essential items do take a look. It’s also a great way to create beneficial relationships, a key part of permaculture design.

18 The African Cup of Nations football tournament is nearing its final stages, and if you read our news page this issue you will learn all about the Green Stars football team from Malawi, which is helping spread the permaculture message!

19 There is just one reader’s letter in PM75 (transition in an age of austerity) from Dr. Jody Joanna Boehnert. With just one letter it made us ask ourselves if the letters page was dead. But, of course, no sooner do we wonder that, than we receive lots of great letters for the next issue! Keep them coming, we love our reader’s opinions!

20 Maddy’s favourite book at the moment is The Eyes of the Wild by Eleanor O'Hanlon. “I'll be reviewing it in full in PM76” she says. We are already planning the new issue, expect some big news about Ben Law’s new book, and the reprinting of his classic The Woodland Way!