Top 5 Permaculture related articles of the week

Tony Rollinson and Louisa Millar
Friday, 3rd August 2012

Here are 5 permaculture news stories from around the world that have grabbed our attention this week. It is good to see so many heavy weight permaculture people (Geoff Lawton, Rebecca Hosking, Chris Johnstone, Looby Macnamara, David Holmgren and Paul Weaton) out there making the news.

1. The main story this week comes from Jackson Country, Oregon. Gary Harrington owns over 170 acres of land and on that he has three ponds which collect rainwater. Due to an old law, the state say that they "own" the rainfall on his (and others) land. Land owners must obtain permits, but many are becoming increasingly fearful if this 'ownership' of natural resources could spread to other forms of energy (solar for instance). For permaculturists this would have very specific consequences and the 'permaculture' word has crept into the reporting of this case. Click this link to read more:





2. Secondly, this link came into us from Australia. It has a presentation from internationally renewed permaculture educator, consultant and practitioner Geoff Lawton which is worth viewing. It is great that the "must-see" links below this piece include Rebecca Hosking's excellent BBC TV piece A Farm For The Future amongst other pieces of footage worth viewing. Click this link to view an array of stories, clips and links: . 


3. One story from our own website that people seem to be latching onto is our exclusive interview with Chris Johnstone. As the UK government announces a 'Happiness Survey' Chris talks to us about why this means permaculture has a key role. Certainly his books Find Your Power and Active Hope (with Joanna Macy) are powerful tools - while Looby Macnamara's new book People & Permaculture is a title which has genuinely added to just what permaculture is and is being seen to be.


4. Click here to read an excellent David Holmgren interview, in which he speaks about permaculture, peak oil and looks at life beyond sustainability.


5. Finally, how about this story which involves our good friend Paul Weaton of over in the States. It has a fab bit in which Paul explains permaculture via the example of the Sahara (and do read our The Man Who Stopped The Desert article!). It is inspiring stuff- as is Paul's favourite quote: "Weeds: Because Mother Nature is not your bitch". Click here to read more: