Winter 2021 (PM 110)
Biodiversity Havens
Anna Locke describes how permaculture polycultures provide food and support Nature to an unexpected degree.
Parks and Recreation – rebugging your world
How can we encourage more insects into our gardens and community spaces? Vicki Hird suggests ways to boost their numbers to create healthy and biodiverse ecosystems.
The Great Adaptation of our Time
Glennie Kindred shares some of her core practices and explores how to shift consciousness and create cascades of change.
The Recycled Pizza Oven
Ness Woodcock-Dennis shares how she's built a pizza oven in her garden.
30 Years of Permaculture at Crystal Waters
Morag Gamble celebrates 30 years of fabulous permaculture village life and explores some of what has been achieved in this time.
Full of Beans – A Diet for the Future
Susan Young explains why shelled and dried beans hold an essential key to a healthy diet and healthy planet.
Why We’re All Hypocrites
Is direct protest effective? And can an individual’s low carbon footprint really change the world? Sami Grover asks us to entertain some provocative questions.
Climate Emergency Centres: A Transformative Way
How Climate Emergency Centres are nurturing community-led climate resilience and adaptation.
Learning a New Skill
City life made Benjamin Woollard yearn for an affordable, small-scale rural pastime, so he taught himself basketry and found that it brought him a creative outlet and deep peace.
Radical Redesign
Charlie Brennan and Bridget O’Brien take an inspired, realistic and critical look at permaculture and offer tips that invite big shifts in perspective.
Decolonising Permaculture
Sarah Queblatin suggests that before we start to ‘observe and interact’ – permaculture principle no. 1 – we need to step right back and honour local knowledge, seeking consent from people and place.
From Soccer Field to Multi-use Garden
Deirdre Holmes describes how a school garden project became a community hub and the genesis of many community solutions.
Let Us Rise Up as Warriors
Kelli Christine Case explores the connection between our lungs and the forests of the world and suggest ways to respond wisely and gracefully in these turbulent times.