Winter 2020 (PM 106)
Permaculture and the Ornamental Garden
Jan Hoyland loves ornamental gardens as well as growing veggies, 
but where do they fit in a permaculture design?
Collaborative Food
Kate Braithewaite describes how Shift Bristol’s Permaculture Design Course opened the door to a new way of finding access to land and growing food in a group.
Preparing our Children for a Regenerative Future
Alice Irene Whittaker offers six pillars for raising a child in an age of breakdown that nurture connection, courage and confidence.
How to Make Biogas
Matthew Watkinson and his family live on an off-grid ecofarm in West Wales. Their latest step towards self sufficiency has led to a biodigester and their own cooking gas.
Perennial Lessons for Permaculture Design
Ben Falk introduces some easy tips when designing your plot, small or large.
Earth Restoration
John D. Liu explores how Ecosystem Restoration Camps around the world are regenerating whole landscapes, helping to mitigate climate change.
Cultural Emergence – tools for agents of change
Looby Macnamara introduces the Cultural Emergence principles that are part of a toolkit that enables us to transform our personal cultures and beyond.
Intuitive Gardening
Huw Richards introduces a no-rules approach to growing food.
Six Strategies for Plot Resilience
Wade Muggleton sets out six ways that we can all make our plots that bit more resilient in an era of climate uncertainty.
Apple Coppice
Chris Evans has been experimenting with coppicing apple trees for deliciously scented firewood, agroforestry, pollination banks, windbreaks, and many other functions.
Diversity and Community
Cultivating community is vital for resilient futures. Larry Santoyo shares collaboration techniques that we can all apply in our own communities.
More Art, Fewer Ads
Carla Denyer explains how the Adfree Cities network is building towards a permanent culture of community, health and wellbeing.
The Civet’s Tale
What if the route out of widespread farming towards urban-industrial prosperity is no longer feasible? Chris Smaje reports.
Urban Permaculture - three rules for land improvement
Brandy Hall takes us around a small, shady, abundant, urban garden which has been transformed through water management, increasing soil fertility and adding a diversity of plants.
Cleaning and Using Sheep Wool for Insulation
Laurence Manchee weighs up the options for using his own sheep wool and explains how to clean it naturally.
Social Permaculture Design
Luiza Oliveira builds upon P. A. Yeomans’ Scale of Permanence to include social aspects that also need to be considered within permaculture designing.
The Poverty of Progress
Our understanding of progress perpetuates poverty, inequality and climate change. Martin Kirk and Alnoor Ladha make the case for an essential shift.
Free Digital Article: The Living Roof Shed
Ursula Bilson and Mark Wright decided to build a garden outbuilding with a green roof. They explain how they did it and how it is performing almost 10 years later.