Summer 2021 (PM 108)
Change is Where You Are
Morag Gamble describes her incredible life’s journey from Melbourne, Australia, to Europe and Ladakh, and then home to work, seeding solutions with people from all over the world.
The Forager’s Garden
Anna Locke introduces the Forager’s Garden, a place where gardeners, cooks and Nature converge.
How to make a DIY Hot Tub
Matthew Watkinson explains how to make a cheap DIY wood-fired hot tub in your back garden.
Turning Exhausted Plots into Abundant Farms
Swayyam’s 1000 Tree Project is a rural initiative in South India to increase forest cover, restore biodiversity and ensure food, fodder and livelihood security through regenerative practices.
What is the Future of Farming?
Caroline Aitken introduces the emerging alternatives to industrial agriculture that can put food on the table and also provide solutions for the climate crisis and food poverty.
From Car Park to Oasis
Damian Nicholls describes the transformation of a paved car parking area in front of his house into a place of solace for the belly, soul and local wildlife.
The Resourceful Workshop Build
Ness Woodcock-Dennis describes how she built a garden workshop in lockdown from salvaged, upcycled and sustainable materials and discovered a world of synchronicities, connections and reciprocity in the process.
Permayouth – bringing art, culture and music to the world through the lens of permaculture
Being locked down in a global pandemic could be a problem for many youths, but Maia Raymond turned it into a solution by founding online Permayouth Festivals.
Growing in Time – and the Art of Plant Collecting and Selective Weeding
Kevin P. Tremblay describes how he has enabled Nature to create a beautiful temperate food forest with a labyrinth as its focal point.
The Wise Woman Way
Susun Weed’s three traditions of Scientific, Heroic and Wise Woman which offer a grounded perspective on healing, health and gardening.
Forage your own Fibres
Brigitte Kaltenbacher shares the history of nettles as a fibre plant and how to turn them into a useful material.
Healing from the Ashes: Community Response to Wildfire
Leila Darwish reports on how fire survivors are using plants and fungi to clean up contaminated soils after last year’s fires in California.
The Seasonal Rhythm of Self-Sufficiency
Growing for year round harvests takes a bit of planning. Liz Zorab walks us through the options.
Sense Making and Moving Forwards
How do we frame and integrate our unprecedented times? Looby Macnamara offers valuable tools for recovery and replenishment.
Long Drop Toilet – Just Add Worms
Laurence Manchee explains the design and build of a dual vault compost toilet.
Building Community Resilience with Permaculture and Afro-Brazilian Culture
Kilombo Tenodé in Brazil brings together Indigenous knowledge and permaculture, to create an educational centre for locals and global visitors.
How We Will Free Ourselves – Together
Skeena Rathor and Rupert Read outline how the very process of transformative adaptation to climate breakdown can also enable us to reclaim our interdependence and step into our full power as a species.