Summer 2020 (PM 104)
Escaping the Rat Race – Self-reliance from the garden
On less than an acre (0.4 hectare), Liz Zorab produces 85% of all the food she and her partner, Mr J, eat. Here’s how.
Growing Food for Free
A seed and plant swap event is the perfect opportunity to grow food without spending any money, says Huw Richards. Get your local community together and make the most of their spare resources.
Eat the Rainbow
Our vibrant Seed SistAs, Fiona Heckels and Karen Lawton, explain why flowers can be our medicine and encourage us to eat a variety to enhance our mental and physical health.
The Future of Energy Storage
Rozie Apps explores hydrogen cell technology – a fast-emerging alternative to lithium batteries – in an ancient landscape.
A Climate Crisis Solution
Martin Crawford says gardeners and farmers can lock down carbon and grow food, fibre, medicinals and timber … by planting shrubs in a garden, forest garden or agroforestry system.
Managing Floods Naturally
Permaculture was originally concerned with harvesting water in a dry climate, but Wade Muggleton explains how these techniques can also be applied to prevent flooding.
Desolation to Restoration
Fotini Georgousi and Kostas Latoufis describe the restoration of fire damaged land and how they welcome exiled people to this challenging environment.
New Ways of Seeing and Thinking in the Forest Gardening
Dave Jacke explains why forest gardening and permaculture go hand-in-hand, and explores the expanding interface between people and permaculture.
The Greenest School in the World? Part 2
A new eco-built school in Nepal is utilising climate-sensitive technology fit for a changing world – and raising a new generation of Nature protectors. Georgina-Kate Adams shares part 2 of the story.
Giving Back to Nature
Pollyanna Darling from TreeSisters invites you to grow a ‘tropical forest’ as a leading way to mitigate climate.
Whole Body Learning
Children learn best when all the senses are engaged, plus the head and heart. Lusi Alderslowe and Sarah Cossom share some activities to help you inspire and connect kids to Nature.
Designing a Learning Garden

Medicinal Plants in Smaller Gardens
Medical herbalist, Anne Stobart, explains how to fit medicinal trees and shrubs, as well as herbaceous plants, into smaller spaces
Restoring the Lungs of the Earth
Frederika Paembonan describes a project in Borneo where Indigenous Elders are pioneering multi-layered food forests.
Farming with Fungi
Georgia Wingfield-Hayes explores how one of the biggest organic sugar farmers in the world is out yielding conventional methods by working with Nature.
Standing at the Gates
Alnoor Ladha challenges the assumption that technology will fix the world and urges a new generation to develop alternative solutions.
Journey into an Alternative Reality
Graham Truscott takes a journey into the future – whimsical, terrifying and hopeful.
BONUS DIGITAL ARTICLE: Reimagining Society
A new initiative from the Transition Movement explores how municipalities and civil society can work more closely together to affect greater change.