Spring 2022 (PM 111)
How to Grow Beans – 4 Favourites for Healthy People and Planet
Susan Young is passionate about growing beans in a cool climate. Discover her tips for producing a homegrown staple from easy to grow varieties.
The Increasing Impacts of Light Pollution
David Smith of Buglife looks at the consequences on wildlife, human health and energy consumption.
See the World by Permacycling
Joe Diomede has spent many years travelling the world via bicycle, with every moment connecting him to the natural world and the many people he’s met. But how does this link to permaculture and its three ethics?
Growing Food and Community with One Planet Living
Peni Ediker and Stef Balesi found land, built a house and a business in just five years. Here’s how they did it.
Our Solar Greenhouse
In PM109 we featured an article about how to build solar greenhouses. Reader, Steven Golemboski-Byrne tells us how he built his own low cost version.
Polytunnel Problems, Polycultures, Hens and Other Solutions
Jan Hoyland describes how she unexpectedly overcame a classic growing error, siting a polytunnel in a boggy area.
Gardening Early in the Growing Year
Liz Zorab shares handy tips for low maintenance cold season gardening, when to start sowing seeds, and when to simply rest and delight in potential and possibility.
Art as Activism
From the earliest days, the Arts have been at the cutting edge of influencing how we all live, writes Tony Rollinson. How we use Art to teach and share permaculture and environmentalism is an ever growing resource.
Embedding Permaculture Principles and Design into a Business
Eve Carnall describes how permaculture is incorporated into the core of cosmetics business, The Green Woman.
How City Farms Are Opening Their Gates To Equity
COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement have provoked questions of unequal land access. Ursula Billington reports on some of the urban farms opening their gates to inclusion.
The Future of Straw Bale Building
Rikki Nitzkin describes the latest techniques and practices in straw bale building for beautiful, low impact dwellings.
The Straw Mulch Allotment
Boris Pavelic experiments with deep straw mulch, despite dire warnings of slug invasions. Here he shares 16 years of successful results.
One Person’s Weed is Another’s Asparagus Omelette
Steve West shares how he uses the ‘weeds’ on his 1,000sq.m2 plot in Catalonia, Spain.
Agro Forestry Hubs local models of Transitional Adaptation
Morgan Phillips explores the creative and collaborative world of Agro Forestry Resource Centres in Nepal and explains the many benefits of adopting these innovative hubs in the West.
My Permaculture Journey
Dave Kelly describes how he discovered permaculture through his daughter, and how it has transformed his life into an undreamt adventure.