Autumn 2021 (PM 109)
A Sensory Path to Awakening
Angie Polkey describes the sensory awakening and revelations that permaculture offers.
5 Companion Plants to Grow for More than Company
Tanya Anderson has a beautiful allotment on the Isle of Man where flowers grow side-by-side with edible annuals and perennials. Here are her five favourite companions.
Harvests from a Cool Climate Food Forest
Alan Carter describes some of his favourite crops from his forest garden in Scotland.
The Year-round Solar Greenhouse
Lindsey Schiller explains the seven principles of designing a solar greenhouse and how they create year-round food with a low carbon footprint.
The Children’s Forest – Planting a Vision
Jim Hindle introduces a new initiative that inspires the next generation to take a practical environmental role and harness the power of the imagination.
The Grassroots Community Ecosystem
Ian Solomon-Kawall shares how he’s used permaculture to design an ecosystem that helps local people to grow food, connect with the Earth, learn new skills and eventually find employment.
Redesigning Hope
Chris Johnstone explains how to harness hope as an energy to guide us through these difficult times.
Exposing Glyphosate
Stephanie Seneff presents the latest research on the devastating effects of glyphosate.
Grassroots NHS Activism
Ness Woodcock-Dennis returns to the roots of nursing to explore how nurses have a history of driving social change and describes the genesis of her own campaign for fair pay for health care workers who literally save lives.
Citizens Are Designers
Anna Locke explores how we can move from being consumers to citizens, where we design and create the future we want to live in.
Connecting Permaculture Across Europe
Dan Hurring explores how permaculture projects are linking with each other to offer solutions to many of the problems we are facing.
Refugia Documentary
PM’s exclusive interview with Britannia actress Liana Cornell celebrates people and communities dedicated to nurturing Nature.
Orchards For All
Wade Muggleton explains how easy it is to grow your own fruit trees, from pots on the patio or stepovers in the back garden, to hundreds of heritage varieties in an orchard.
No Straight Lines
Matt Willer and two former students, Lilly and George, share how vital outdoor learning spaces are to student’s education, wellbeing and life-skills.
Ecoretrofitting and Beautifying 1960s ‘Brutalist’ Buildings
The traditional approach of ‘knock it down and start again’ has been challenged at the Sustainability Centre in Hampshire. Christine Seaward explains how they achieved an energy efficient, creative upcycle.
Grow Your Own Shiitake Mushrooms
Folko Kullmann explains how to grow shiitake mushrooms, both delicious in the kitchen and a powerful medicine.
The Nutritional ‘Weed’
Steve Marquis tells the story of Rosebay Willowherb, its medicinal properties and how to make your own richly flavoured tea.
Falling Into Place
April Griefsong explores pathways to a restorative culture, ones that are as yet unimagined, waiting to be found.