Autumn 2020 (PM 105)
Dare to Imagine a Better Future!
Rob Hopkins shares his experiences with groups who dare to imagine a better future.
Imagine Another World
Arundhati Roy shares how coronavirus has given us all the opportunity to fight for a better world.
The Climate for Corona
Professor Jem Bendell argues that if the impact of COVID-19 is another step in the collapse of modern societies, it is likely it is another climate-driven step.
Redesigning Money for a Doughnut World
John Cant swallows the red pill and dismantles the idea that the economic system is dependent on ‘balancing the books’ and argues that money is conceptually unlimited.
Setting up a Seed Library
Seeds are true wealth. 150 years ago, there were thousands of vegetable varieties. Now, a limited number of seeds are mainly sold by commercial companies. Andrea Sanders encourages us to save and share open pollinated varieties.
Year-round Fresh Vegetables
Liz Zorab from Byther Farm shares her methods for creating a constant supply of fresh food from her no dig plot.
Thriving During the Pandemic
Kt Shepherd shares her permaculture design techniques for resilience and wellbeing that she learnt from being housebound by a serious illness.
Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste
COVID-19 created a crisis in our just-in-time food system. Steph Wetherell, Simon Griffiths and Sam Robinson explore how farmers and producers rose to this challenge and created a resurgence in the demand for local food.
How Cycling is Making a Difference
The Bristol Bike Project is upcycling old bikes to make cycling more affordable for greater wellbeing, health and freedom.
Training 10,000 Farmers One Seed at a Time
Permaculture Magazine Prize 2019 runner up, Ronaldo Lec, describes how he founded Instituto Mesoamericano de Permacultura (IMAP) in Guatemala.
Pretty, Productive Plantings for Small Spaces
Pippa Chapman describes how to grow an edible, perennial and attractive polyculture.
Learning to Forest Garden
Andrew Thomas is a budding forest gardener. He got the bug aged nine and has never looked back. Here he describes his influences and how he began designing and planting the family’s plot.
Tree Planting The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Wade Muggleton’s Top 10 Tips for successful tree planting.
Clean Your Home with Nature-friendly Recipes

Developing Everyday Resilience
Lael Tyrrell Rathje tells the story of her family’s journey to create an abundant, self-sufficient lifestyle.
The Economy of Love
Georgia Wingfield-Hayes learns Indigenous African wisdom and how human solidarity is vital for our future.
Seeing Wetiko: Capitalism, Mind Viruses and Antidotes for a World in Transition
Alnoor Ladha and Martin Kirk remove the veil that cleverly obscures why industrial growth culture is at war with the natural world and suggest the logic of the antidote.
Extra Digital Article: Behind the Economy
After deconstructing money (see pages 15-17), John Cant reveals some of the current elements used in our economy and why we need a new system.