The Sensory Herbal Handbook – Connecting with the Medicinal power of your Local Plants

Glennie Kindred | Tuesday, 3rd March 2020
A powerful guide to herbalism, connecting with our bodies and nature. It is a guide to healthy lifestyle choices, for natural healing and empowerment.
Author: The Seed Sistas
Publisher: Watkins Publishing
Publication year: 2019
RRP: £16.99

I Love this Book! It is a tonic and a joy! Its light shines like a beacon of hope in the dark. I step inside its pages and I am home, amongst my kin - the beautiful, deeply caring, wise, knowledgeable and honourable Seed Sistas. Thank you! I have waited a long time for this book to be written by these very special women - Fiona Heckles, Karen Lawton and Belle Benfield. It is a much needed and timely guide to understanding herbalism at a sensory and intuitive level. This is a book of great beauty - that feeds the soul as well as the mind. It opens our hearts to the wonder of the plants and the power they have to heal us on many levels. The Seed Sistas teach us how to understand our own bodies, and to approach healing from a place of reverence and deep gratitude for the wild plants, and help us to become part of a happier, healthier reality.

This is also important book of our time and captures the spirit of the rising movement for change. The Seed Sistas approach to herbalism is profoundly interconnected with our growing need to protect the Earth and to be in partnership with Nature. The writing inspires us to value, protect and nurture the wild edges of our lands and the wild places where our precious native plants grow, and to help us to explore and develop our sensitivity to the plants. This is also more than just a herbal. It is as much about our shift in thinking towards a more holistic future as it is about the herbs themselves. It unlocks and opens a door to our interconnected relationship with the Earth and the healing that takes place on many levels when become open to the mutually beneficial relationship between plants and humans. 

As the Seed Sistas share their journey with us, our own journey shifts and aligns to receive their wisdom and their inspired understanding. We absorb their deep commitment to creative positive change and their connection to the Earth and Nature through their journey with the healing plants. Their passion and devotion shines through every page and is infectious! Their Love of plants, their joy for their work and lives, their knowledge, deep understanding and their allegiance to our collective shift towards holistic thinking shines through these inspirational pages. This is a book that inspires us to care for our beautiful Earth and our special wild plants, to care for ourselves and each other; to become engaged with healing, with an awareness of  the synthesis between our physical and emotional health.

This wonderful, powerful and deeply connecting book helps me remember I am part of this beautiful dance between our Earth’s complex eco-system and a long history of humans and plants working together for healing. My heart leaps to greet this deep wisdom. I am rooted by it. I expand into it. My soul is nurtured by it and my sense of eco-engagement is inspired by it.

This wild and expressive book encourages us to discover and adventure into the world of plant medicine, through our minds, our intuitive responses and our heart connections. It is as big and expansive as the wonderful Seed Sistas are themselves. It stirs us to care for our selves, each other, and our precious Earth. This book inspires total reference for life. It is a cross-pollination, cross fertilisation, an interweaving of many systems and many paths, all bought together through the Seed Sistas natural reverence for life, and their love of our wild plants and their many uses. I couldn’t put it down. It captivated me and I sank deeply and thankfully into the nurturing wisdom and supportive words that shine from these pages. Here is a comprehensive and  inspirational guide to working with our wild plants. Playful, joyful, deep, wise, connecting, knowledgeable, creative, shamanic, expansive, mind expanding, heart expanding, soul expanding, offering key tools for finding our way, though the use of meditation, observation, intuition, affirmations, mantras, poetry, and drawing,

This book holds the key for healthy lifestyle choices, for helping us to find our equilibrium and balance, empowering us to be active in our own healing, and to becoming more attuned to our seasonal journey and the wild plants growing around us. It encourages us to grow and adapt to these changing times, with the plants as our allies; inspiring us to engage with Nature, and to get out there and experience the wild plants and their vast healing abilities for ourselves.

Review by Glennie Kindred – Author of Letting In the Wild EdgesSacred Earth Celebrations; Earth AlchemyEarth Wisdom and Walking with

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