Occupy Love DVD

Rozie Apps | Saturday, 11th January 2014
An inspiring and eye-opening film, documenting how love can bring everyone together, to fight for a better and fairer future!
Author: Velcrow Ripper
Publisher: Fierce Love
Publication year: 2013
RRP: £19.95

Occupy Love is a journey that reveals how love can bring people together and change our lives on a global scale. Award winning director, Velcrow Ripper, takes the audience with him as he travels the world meeting the different movements that are striving for change. From the Arab Spring to the Occupy Wallstreet and Occupy Movement as a whole that reached hundreds of cities world-wide, we meet inspiration, hope and positivity for a better future.

All of these people are taking a stand, asking for a society that is fair to all and to the planet. Although you may know the facts – the devastation left behind by fracking, the loss of ecosystems and biodiversity – to watch people come together en masse peacefully, calmly discussing what they want from the future and what needs to be changed is truly inspiring. Velcrow Ripper asks: How could the crisis of today become a love story?

Individuals are connecting globally to take their lives and the future of humanity back from the 1% who control our economies. The current system no longer provides us with happy and healthy lives. These movements show how love is being awake, and putting everything on the line for your neighbour, for the future and for the rest of creation. The film presents a compelling case for the power of community emanating from these powerful stories. 

It is inspiring to watch the determination of those involved in these movements. People have come together from all backgrounds, to become a family who want to be heard and want change. This is a must see film, best watched in a group. You will feel truly inspired to start your own peaceful, life-changing revolution.

Why not watch Velcrow Ripper explain why he made Occupy Love: Velcrow Ripper and the Need for Change

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