Energy Revolution: Your Guide to Repowering the Energy System

Burra Maluca | Friday, 15th July 2016
Packed full of success stories from energy pioneers in the UK, America, Europe, Asia and Africa, Howard Johns shows how we can all play a vital role in the energy revolution and change the world, one community at a time!
Author: Howard Johns
Publisher: Permanent Publications
Publication year: 2015
RRP: £19.95

This book will help anyone to develop appropriate community-scale solutions to the global problem of sustainable energy supply. 

It is engagingly written and designed to empower ordinary people to make a real difference. It gives a lot of the history and background information needed to understand both the problems and the solutions.  If you don't actually know, for instance, exactly what fracking is and why it's so bad, then by the time you've read this book you will not only understand but also be in a position to offer, and implement, sensible alternatives to your local community, and run a successful business as you do so. This is a book of hope, designed to be read and put into effect.  There is no pseuodosciece or woo here to cloud the issues. The book is fully referenced, and it is not afraid to shy away from discussing the politics that surround the subject. 

The author, Howard Johns, states that 

"One hundred percent renewable is already a reality in some areas, but are these just special cases with the ‘right’ conditions or is this something that can be achieved anywhere? It is my opinion that it is not just possible, but it is also a realistic option everywhere. I believe it is technically and financially achievable, and it has a whole raft of benefits, for individuals, businesses, local communities as well as the environment. It will look different in different places, depending on what is abundant locally, but essentially it will be possible where you live and where I live." 

Howard believes that ecology and economy can be reconciled - they are not opposite things, and the book gives many examples from around the world of what a shift to distributed, decentralised energy systems might look like. 

One such example is the German town of Feldheim. 

"Feldheim  is  the  only  town  in  Germany  with  its  own  micro-grid  set-up,  and  the  whole  process  has  not  only  secured  lower  and  stable  energy  bills  for  the  community, but it has also created local employment. It has helped to bring prosperity  to  a  rural  community  when  others  around  are  struggling.  This  little  town  has  become  a  popular  destination  –  with  no  museums  or  attractions, people are coming from all over the world to see the energy revolution in action." 

I also loved the example given from the Isle of Eigg, Scotland. 

"The  system  they  have  built  combines  hydro,  wind,  solar  and  batteries  to  provide  continuous  power  for  all  of the  residents  and  businesses.  They  have  one  100kW  hydro  turbine,  two  smaller  hydro  turbines  at  10kW  and  9kW,  four  6kW  wind  turbines  and  50kW  of  solar  PV  generation.  They  also  have some diesel generators that provide backup power but the renewable generators actually provide over 95% of the electricity they need." 

The chapter about technology is superb, perfectly complementing the vast range of example projects in the previous section.  This, together with the rest of the chapters in section three provide a roadmap to not only selecting the most appropriate solution for your community, but also how to implement it, including the legal and financial side of things. 

So really all that remains is to find people willing to implement the ideas in this book.  Will you be one of them? 

"So in these times of choice, what will your choice be? Sit by and let it unfold? Or get stuck in and join the movement globally that is building solutions in our neighbourhood?" 

"Courage means taking risks and putting yourself forwards when you are not certain whether you will really succeed.  Courage means stepping out on a path whose route we do not know, but stepping out anyway. " 

I would strongly urge anyone with an interest in community scale sustainable energy solutions to read this book, find and inspire other people in your locality, and join in the sustainable energy revolution.  Your planet needs you! 

Contents list 

Part I - From Edison to Fracking 

1 Global Pyromania 
2 Flick the Switch 
3 Funny Weather 
4 Fracking Salvation 
5 Nuclear Renaissance 
6 Subsidy Junkies and Fool’s Gold 

Part II - Stories from the Revolution 

7 The Energy Revolution 
8 Denmark 
9 Germany 
10 United States 
11 Africa 
12 Bangladesh 
13 Chile 
14 China 
15 India 
16 Japan 
17 Nicaragua 
18 Costa Rica 
19 Saudi Arabia 
20 Sweden 
21 United Kingdom 
22 100% Renewable 
23 Battle Lines 

Part III - Your Guide to Making It Happen 

24 The Journey 
25 People 
26 Business Possibilities 
27 Location, Location, Location 
28 Technology 
29 Business and Financial Planning 
30 Legal Structures, Contracts, Permissions and Compliance 
31 Promotion and Marketing 
32 Project Management and Build 
33 Building a Sustainable Future 

Part IV Step Forward in Hope 

34 Hope 
35 Manifesto for the Energy Revolution

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