The End of Suburbia or the Beginning of Mainstream Permaculture?
David Holmgren explores the potential for co-operative edible neighbourhoods of the future
10 Things To Do
Rob Hopkins recommends some simple steps to get ready for a post-carbon future
Peak Oil Resources

The Edible Garden Pond
It's possible to grow tasty treats from even the smallest garden pond. Paul Wagland explores the world of edible aquatic plants
Losing the Plot
Andy Waternman tells the story of a spirited fight to save an important urban allotment site and wildlife refuge from destruction
View from the Green Room
When Rob Hopkin's permaculture students decided to build an eco-theatre, they created a dramatic community space
Oasis in the Sky
In the heart of the beautiful Spanish city of Seville is a community that has transformed a rooftop into an edible sanctuary. Maria Vazquez tells the story
Renewable Energy Amongst the Trees
Merlin Howse describes various experiments in DIY power generation in his off-the-grid woodland community
Pete Wignall shares his passion and know-how about growing this versatile and valuable food and timber tree
Love at First Sight
In just one year, Helen Anderson transformed a weedy allotment into a permaculture paradise, attracting abundant wildlife and her neighbours’ admiration
Camphill's Bright Future
Camphill’s villages are communities which offer homes and wholesome work to people with special needs. Jan Martin Bang describes life in a Norwegian village
Chillies in Britain
Joy and Michael Michaud run a small, successful mail order business selling homegrown chillies. Maddy Harland finds out how they run their niche enterprise
Singing a more Natural Song
Hildur Jackson visits EcoVillage at Ithaca and receives a warm welcome, despite the climate
Fertile Relationships
Alzena Wilmot and Rik Humphreys describe a way of growing healthy vegetables on poor soil
A Dip in a Natural Swimming Pool
Maddy Harland takes a dip in a natural swimming pool at ZEGG and finds out how they built it
Planning a Polytunnel
How to buy, site and erect a polytunnel. Ever-practical reader, Mark Smith, shares the benefits of his experience
Grow Your Own Building
Alan Cameron-Duff and Annabel Fawcus show that building with cob is easy and great fun. Dip your hands in the mud and have a go!
In Search of Peace and Tranquility
Is relocating in Southern Greece a route to paradise or a road to hell? Linda Vincent tells her story
Eat Less Meat
Clive Davidson makes no bones about how eating too much meat damages the land, water resources and health
Eco-Toad Hits the Road
When Pooran Desai has a mid-life crisis he doesn’t do it by halves!
Beyond Potatoes
Patrick Whitefield describes how a permaculture family make a diverse living from the land in Ireland
Jean Armin returns to a recurrent readers’ fascination - the construction of a DIY compost toilet.
Patrick Whitefield describes a garden he designed that has to feed a group of visitors in very specific periods of the year.
Tino Rawnsley argues passionately that the wholesale regeneration of coppicing with its allied skills and enterprises is a key to a more sustainable Britain.