What future for traditional gardening?
Julian Rose explains why keeping small mixed farms alive is vital for all our futures and explains why Poland holds so much promise
Crafting an alternative yule
Learn how to make your own seasonal decorations for a more creative and grounded Yule with Glennie Kindred
The outdoor permaculture classroom
A forest garden can be a richly multifunctional and diverse edible learning space for schools! Dave Richards explains why
War gardening
How living history is teaching kids to grow food in Essex by Graham Burnett
PM business
Maddy Harland , tells the story of Permanent Publications and the permaculture design thinking behind the company
Raised vegetable gardening
How to design and make productive raised beds by Patrick Whitefield
The Rebel Farmer, Part I
Leila Dregger introduces Sepp Holzer, pioneering permaculture farmer, who pushes the boundaries of climate and culture to create abundant landscapes
Want to change the world?
PM suggests... Step One: Inspire and engage your community and start your own film club
Stove of your dreams
Steve James explains how to turn unused paving slabs into a beautiful fast-burn, efficient masonry stove that costs very little!
Live Earth
We preview the event and look at what you can do to make a difference once the music is over and the dancing has stopped
Care in the community
Ashley Walker presents an innovative solution to institutional daycare that also engages the wider community
How to make a medicine herb wheel
Maureen and Keith Robertson explain how to design and plan a medicine herb garden
DIY rainwater harvesting
How to convert your downstairs toilet from mains water to a rainwater flushing system, by Klaus Muecher Erskine
Raised vegetable gardening
Part Two of Patrick Whitefield ’s article explaining how to design and make a very productive system for food growing
Eco-retrofitting in the city
Jenny Lunnon visits Dr Averil Stedeford’s award winning eco-renovated city house
A very ordinary house
Wade Muggleton shares tips on how he did the DIY eco-renovation of his ex-council house with recycled materials
Make your own triple compost bin
John Adams explains how to build an excellent composting system out of scrap
From overwhelm to engagement
Learn how to turn fear for the future into positive, balanced action
The Tale of a Back Garden Micro Farm
Even a small piece of land can be made highly productive with careful planning. Wade Muggleton explains how
How to Build a Low-Cost Hot Tub
A quick and easy way to build your own outdoor tub so you can lie back and relax, by Paulina Wojciechowska
Living in Intentional Community
Kate McEvoy describes the pros and cons of life in a low impact community in Wales
How to Lay an Earthen Floor
Learn the art of making beautiful earthen floors, the natural alternative to concrete, with Adam Weismann and Katy Bryce
Zones 4 U
Ru Litherland explores the many ways we can graze the urban jungle for food and resources
The Permaculture of Pensions
A creative look at how pensions of the future could ignore the FTSE 100 and invest in the community, with Jonathon Dawson