Growing With Grace
Annie Neligan describes how an innovative community growing project is reinventing itself to survive the harsh economic climate
How Britain Can Feed Itself
Craig Embleton investigates how much organic food could be produced in UK gardens and the environmental benefits that this would bring
The Percentage Game
Wade Muggleton explains how a permaculture lifestyle is more about being self reliant than trying to be self sufficient
Vera Greutink-Ichova shows how permaculture growing can be both productive and beautiful
How one man changed the face of wood recycling in Britain, a report by Stuart Anderson
How to make large raised beds using branches or even whole trees, with Sepp Holzer
If the cap FiTS
John Adams explores the down to earth reality of fitting solar photovoltaics cost effectively
Fruitful hedges
Vera Greutink-Ichova reveals how edges and vertical spaces can produce food where space is limited
Build your own sauna
Natural swimming pool builder, David Butler, explains how to make your own small-scale sauna
DIY Natural Swimming Pool
David Butler recounts the experience of creating his own
Outdoor Cooking In Winter!
Trish MacCurach extols the virtues of cooking alfresco, even in the depths of winter
Education For A Handmade Future
Maddy Harland explores the stunning new Woodland Classroom built by Ben Law
Perennial Vegetables
Perennial vegetables are worth cultivating and keeping - Patrick Whitefield identifies his favourites
Useful Trees in Public Spaces
Wade Muggleton on reinvigorating the culture of the commons
From Basement to Banquet
A magical story of good fortune and ethical enterprise, told by Imogen Oxley
DIY Pallet Chair
How to make a comfortable Airondack chair for free from reclaimed timber with John Adams
Community Generation
Mark Laiosa visits Samsø, a Danish island entirely powered by renewable energy
Commonsense Smallholding
Patrick Whitefield visits a permaculture smallholding and finds out how it pays its way
Make A 'Bespoke' Wind Turbine
A step by step guide to building a wind turbine from a bicycle wheel by Beth Tilston and Wil Harley
Tools For Self Reliance
Dom Marsh and his girlfriend Nanda cycled into town and found an unexpected treasure trove
Little Shop Of Wonders
How Ben Law built a community-owned eco-shop in his local village by Maddy Harland
Is Transition working?
Gil Seyfang presents the result of the first UK Transition Movement survey. PM Exclusive
The winter allotment
Plan some practical allotment projects. Paul Wagland offers some useful tips and ideas
Building a zero-carbon country
Donnachadh McCarthy meets Bil Dunster and discovers his visionary yet practical plan for genuinely sustainable buildings