Preserving Summer Flavours
No Dig expert, Stephanie Hafferty, shares her tips for the summer garden and how to preserve those flavours for the winter months.
Daniel Christian Wahl says a new generation of designers can design a world in which all can thrive and not just survive.
From Picts to Paradise
James Reid explains how he designed a mulituse permaculture paradise in the temperate climate of Scotland, with veg gardens, fruit trees, live­stock, compost toilets and a sauna.
Stories in Action at the Zombie Apocalypse Training Camp
Want to prise your kids away from the individious screen? Philip Waters shares his masterful guidance for engaging stories and outdoor play with a difference.
Edible Flowers and why you should grow them
Edible flowers are both a functional and beautiful aspect of the permaculture polyculture. No dig expert, Stephanie Hafferty, explains why they are good for you and your garden’s health.
Beyond Fairtrade and Organics
PM asked Simon Constantine of Lush Cosmetics to describe how permaculture has been a key driver to their successful, regenerative and philanthropic enterprise.
Understanding and Embracing Transformational Change
John D. Liu on why the future of our planet need not be bleak.
The Secret Garden of Marizá
How Marsha Hanzi created an edible paradise using regenerative agriculture techniques.
Installing Small Scale Solar
Fitting solar panels to your campervan or other off-grid structure needn’t be daunting. John Adams guides you through the planning stage and presents a case study of a typical installation.
The Great Green Wall of China
Award winning filmmaker, John D. Liu, visits an extraordinary project where ecosystem based adaptation is delivering real results.
Make a Bentwood Chair
Ben Law describes how to construct attractive and comfortable garden chairs from small diameter coppiced roundwood.
Crop Protection
Stephanie Hafferty looks at the net gains of pest and climate control as part of her food crop growing regime.
The Oldest Forest Garden in Britain
Graham Bell explains the different layers of his temperate food forest and how these create abundant harvests.
Alleviating Poverty With Permaculture
Warren Draper explains how permaculture can tackle poverty and proposes a way of acquiring the necessary skills for free.
Permaculture and Politics
Mark Boyle explores how the permaculture movement can learn to read the political landscape – and why it needs rewilding.
Martin Crawford describes three beguiling trees that are ideal for permaculture small-holdings and gardens.
Stuart and Gabrielle Anderson show how we can use photography as a tool for permaculture design and discovery.
Amelia Lake has looked at the pros and cons and argues that we should all embrace rewilding as a path to sustainable human existence.
Wild Animals and how to recognise their signs
Patrick Whitefield shares how spotting animal signs is just one aspect of how we can learn to read our landscapes and their history.
Pallet Bench Project
John Adams explains how to build a comfortable, two seater garden bench using only scrap pallets and a handful of screws.
Upcycling an Old Barn
How Stuart and Gabrielle Anderson have given new life to a 200 year old cob and stone barn using a variety of materials and techniques.
John Adams explains how to build a self-watering raised bed for free - well almost - using pallets and other scavenged materials.
Janet Gunther describes the Restart Project that fixes consumer electronics, those sleek minimalist boxes you aren’t meant to open!
Why permaculture is perfect for the urban family garden by Neil Kingsnorth.