Save Water: collect free water for the garden with a Water Two Greywater Diverter

John Adams
Wednesday, 20th April 2011

Running out of rain water in your water butt? Looking for a greywater harvesting system for the garden? Here's John Adam's review of the Water Two Greywater Diverter Valve from Permaculture Magazine No.49 back in 2006 following a previous very dry start to the year.

'Save water, bath with a friend!' With the current lack of rain it may well be time to revive this well known 60's slogan. Certainly if the weather carries on being as dry as it is we will all need to save our bath, shower and other grey water for our gardens.

My friends round the corner had another idea and re-plumbed their bath and shower downpipe to a water butt which was then connected to a leaky hose system. I was admiring this, when I remembered we had featured a greywater diverter valve in Permaculture Magazine No.38 which would be just the thing to make this idea fully functional.

I contacted suppliers only to learn that due to its makers' retirement this unique piece of kit was no longer available. Happily, with the volume of renewed interest this product is now being made again and I was able to get one to try out on my friends' house.

Basically, the Water Two Greywater Diverter Valve is a pull string operated valve which allows you to choose whether your greywater goes down the drain or out via a standard hose pipe. It comes with push fit adaptors for a range of common plastic pipe sizes, and can be fitted at almost any angle. We were very constrained as to how it could be fitted, even so we had it all working in under an hour. If you want to reuse your greywater, I can't recommend this product too highly.'

Happily they are still available from Green Shopping, so if you have suitable outside pipe work, why not put your grey water to use.

John Adams 20/04/2011