A Plea From Japan – Aftershocks on the Scale of 7 Predicted near Two Active Nuclear Plants

Michiyo Furuhashi
Friday, 18th March 2011

Michiyo Furuhashi lives in a community near Tokyo featured in Permaculture 61. She sends out a plea to the world that we petition the Japanese Government to shut down two further active nuclear plants that are near the epicentre of yesterday's aftershocks.

In Permaculture 61 Michiyo Furuhashi introduced us to a Japanese ecovillage, Konohana community, that is almost entirely self-sufficient and is teaching sustainable agriculture to its neighbours near Tokyo. Yesterday her eco-village was at the epicentre of another earthquake and national meteorological agency says there is a 70% probability of level 7 afterquakes.

Critically, around Tokyo, there are TWO further active nuclear power plants, one in Michiyo's region. The Japanese Government refuses to shut them down. Michiyo is requesting that the people of the world exert pressure on the government.

THIS IS Michiyo's message:

Two nights ago, we had strong afterquakes which is magnitude 6.4. Later we found that we are at the epi-center. Fortunately, we did not get any damage at all. However, we still have regular power-cut three hours everyday. This is due to the lack of electricity since many power plants were affected by the major earthquake. That is why we must share the limited electricity with surrounded nine prefectures. 

Today, I am asking that all of you contact your local representatives and if you are American, President Obama and implore them to pressure the Japanese government to shut down Hamaoka and Tokai nuclear power plants. These plants are the two closest to Tokyo and where we, Konohana Family is located.

At the bottom of this message, I attached the link for petition.

Yesterday, I called the Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plants, and talked to the PR manager for 10 minutes. I requested to shut down the nuclear reactors since the power plants where they are housed are located on much softer ground than Fukushima Power Plants.

Then, the manager said, "Currently, the Fukushima #1 Plant has some problems, but the Fukushima #2 and Onagawa Power Plant have automatically stopped properly. So, they are pretty safe."

He kept insisting the safety after this and explained that therefore, they do not stop the power plants.

Anyway, we continue to have aftersquakes that register from 4.0 to 7.0, and we are experiencing other quakes from epicenters close to and inside Tokyo. If these plants become affected it could be devastating for Japan as Tokyo has the largest concentration of our population.

We would also request that the rest of the nuclear power plant facilities (all 55) be fully checked out for safety.

Please see a petition site with map of nuclear power plant and well-documented and an up-to-the-minute technical report:

PLEASE sign this!

There is another site for Europeans to petition:

For more information, here is my friend's weblog:


To read Michiyo's article about her unique organic farming community near Mount Fuji see Permaculture 61.