Permaculture and the Gift Economy

Tony Rollinson
Sunday, 24th November 2013

Is permaculture a new subject for you? Do you want to know more, but aren't sure what it is and whether you want to spend money dipping your toe in the water? Where do you find free information, videos, books, and news? Tony offers his top tips.

Since publishing Mark Boyle's book, The Moneyless Manifesto, late in 2012 (and giving away the full book online under the Creative Commons license as well as producing a paid-for print edition) we have thought a lot of about what else we can give away to help people get involved with positive, life-changing activities.

The Gift Economy

You might wonder how a publisher can survive by giving things away but we believe that if we cast our bread upon the water it will come back to us in many other ways. It also feels good. It flies in the face of conventional business thinking that is always trying the screw the bottom line out of people. The gift economy is different. It is all about seeing abundance rather than scarcity and stepping away from the demands of the resource-hungry world. Instead, it is about preserving resources and sharing them. It is part of our permaculture ethics.

So what else do we give away?

Free Online Content

Every day we publish features, news, reviews, reader's solutions and video links to content that we think you will find invaluable here on Permaculture online. We share DIY tips, how-to features, recipes, money saving ideas from our fantastic network of readers all over the world, gardening techniques, cutting edge ideas, news, alerts for free courses that you will not read in the mainstream media, and useful information to help you live a more ecologically balanced, low carbon life. Use our serach engine and find what you need to change your life. We are bound to have a post on it and if we don't let us know and we will find one.


This world is full of bad news and crises so we also want to share the other side of the coin: stories of hope. We feel strongly about this. So our freely posted online content is no less valuable than our printed magazines and books. It is just selected to keep the principle of 'the problem being the solution' fresh in our minds every day. It is a powerful practice for world changers everywhere.

Free magazine

So first of all if you haven't already, how about hitting our CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD A FREE COPY! You could be reading a free copy of this internationally acclaimed, award winning magazine in the comfort of your own home (or having a sneaky look at work!). Of course, magazines need subscribers, but at least check-out the quality and intent first, and we are sure that this is a magazine and freely evolving community which will make a significant difference to your life; great ideas are shared, solutions offered, contacts available and inspiring can-do stories and attitudes filling the website are the normal.

Free newsletters 

There is also a FREE monthly Permaculture eNewsletter that we mail out at the end of every month. We select the most viewed content that we have posted each month and make sure you never miss out on any free online courses too.

We also have another FREE eNewsletter offered by our sister site,, offering special offers on useful books, films and products so you don't need to support amazon, you can shop with a company that has been nominated by the people as one of the UK's top ten ethical companies in the PEA-ple Awards. We also offer fantastic competitions every month... So far our customers have won FREE Good Energy renewable electricity for the year, holidays, festival tickets, compost loos (yes, only with Permaculture!), places on Permaculture Design Courses, real bread mixes, seeds, and just loads of other FANTASTIC eco goods and permaculture essentials all ethically sourced from our favourite suppliers. The next prize will be a Hot Composter, an insullated bin that can run at 45ºC even in winter. We reviewed it HERE.

We don't just publish Permaculture

We are exciting, committed and socially responsible publisher also publish over 50 permaculture books, you can see a full list at our website: Permaculture books, and many more, are available in the USA via Chelsea Green Publishing too.

Some of the biggest selling titles include: Patrick Whitefield's The Earth Care Manual, Ben Law's The Woodland Way, Rosemary Morrow's The Earth User's Guide To Permaculture, Mark Boyle's The Moneyless Manifesto, Aranya's Permaculture Design and Sepp Holzer's Permaculture.

Free Permaculture Books!

But there are also plenty of FREE resources available from - take a look at The Essence of Permaculture an eBook by one of the giants of permaculture, David Holmgren. You will see a selection of other free to download titles there, we are sure you will find them inspiring texts.

Permaculture magazine and its website really are a one-stop shop for permaculture information - and as you have gathered much of it either free or reduced in price. So, do have a look, for FREE, and connect with a worldwide group of people who are out there making a difference right now, today.

More Free Stuff!

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