Gransfors Bruks Hand Hatchet

John Adams
Thursday, 24th February 2011

Another wonderful offering from Gransfors Bruks axes but this time small enough to carry with you, whether you are hiking, camping, foraging for wood or even gardening.

Gransfor Bruks make some of the best axes in the world. The range runs from the diminutive Mini Hatchet designed for lightweight backpacking, through the Small Forest Axe, made popular by Ray Mears, to the impressive Splitting Mauls. All are hand crafted in Sweden and each head carries the stamp of the individual who forged it.

I like all of them but up until now, I never felt I could justify actually owning one. The Gransfors Bruks Hand Hatchet has changed all that – now I don't know I have got along without it. I think in part this is due to the fact that the size and balance is such that it just asks to be picked up and used. It has a 75mm (3in) face to the head and enough weight that it doesn't require undue force to cut, despite only having a 240mm (9.5in) handle.

I limbed up a small fallen tree and it cut cleanly and accurately, and also split seasoned wood down into fine kindling – small enough to use with my Honey Stove in fact (see pic above). From sharpening stakes for the garden, to limbing trees, cutting camp firewood, shelter building or even roughing out a wood sculpture, this little hatchet will do it all. Small enough to put in a backpack or bag but big enough to be really useful, this is a must have personal axe. 

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