Creating Resilience through Systems Thinking

Paul Odiwuor Ogola - PermoAfrica
Monday, 5th October 2020

PermoAfrica are creating resilient communities through permaculture education. Locals are taught about sustainable food production, working with nature and observing natural patterns.

We are an approved Register Community Base Organization (CBO) permaculture farming group with the Government of Kenya, situated in the south western part of Kawiya village located in the Northern part of Korayo Sub Location, Kochia Central Location, Rangwe District in Homa-Bay county. 

Our vision is to create a better everyday life for many people in our villages/communities to be in an environment without poverty as we introduce permaculture practices and policies that will support them to be prosperous sustainable organic farmers. By connecting them with three permaculture ethics (People Care, Earth Care and Fare Share), they are able to see the world as an interconnected set of dynamic patterns and systems. We have achieved this by forming small community farming groups that aim to ensure new farming development serves the needs of local community farmers who are always facing climatic changes and low investment.

My name is called Paul Odiwuor Ogola and I am a qualified permaculture teacher and designer, trained in the year 2016 By Steve Jones from Wales UK of Sector39 (more info here) for full two week PDC.


After training I am deeply inspired and grateful for the immensely valuable contribution of the Permaculture Design Core Curriculum that helps me bring forward wisdom and teaching from the past, flavours it with present brilliance and developments and offers a foundation for the next evolution of permaculture. My mission is to teach and facilitate permaculture knowledge and technology to my community, who are now benefit from this very practical and beautifully crafted design. This work has created Permoafrica-Centre.

Through this project we inform and empower individuals and communities through training, knowledge on how permaculture and related agroecological practices backed by the science of nature’s design can put the power of the people back into the hands of the many and rebuild our shared home beyond its former glory.

We have led people to nutrient-rich, chemical free and sustainble food supplies. This encoutages healthy, prosperous and disease-free land, water and air. We've encouraged alternative technologies and an economic system that feeds local enterprise dedicated to fair labor and exchange which brings great value to the local community. 


Our organization is always sharing knowledge with our community on important strategies such as farming yield production, so that we have stable all year round food production to meet the demands of our people in the communities. This createds good investment and business in the community, enabling a stable economy.

The center involves the local community in naturally managing the landscape and its resources, teaching people to observe every element and their functions within the natural system. This enables a powerful link to the land, and a deep understanding of how we can live with our environment sustainably. The fundamental approach of systems-level observation, analysis, and participation creates smarter, more sustainable ways of working with natural systems to renew landscapes and the communities they support through socio-economic benefits, while at the same time improving the protection of ecosystems in priority areas.

Permaculture design has been used to restore soil, conserve water and redirect waste streams. PermoAfrica Centre's team, based in Kawiya village is supporting and shaping a community for future resilience. 

PermoAfrica ( was one of the 20 finalists for the 2019 Permaculture Magazine Prize.

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