Celebrating 25 Years of Edge Permaculture Publishing

Permaculture magazine
Sunday, 15th February 2015

We are 25 years old today and to celebrate we are announcing the publication of our first literary arts project, a book of ecopoetry by Helen Moore.

Permaculture magazine and Permanent Publications' parent company, Hyden House Limited, was established 25 years ago on 15th February 1990 by Tim and Maddy Harland.

From the very beginning, the specific aim of the company was to provide information to help people live more healthy, self-reliant lifestyles. This quickly and naturally evolved into the wider vision of how to work strategically to create a healthier planet with permaculture. Permaculture magazine's first issue therefore appeared in 1992 and has been in print ever since. During these years it has also published over 50 books, including the classic Earth Care Manual by Patrick Whitefield.

100% independent

Our core activities have always been self-funded and we are editorially 100% independent. Although we constantly seek out collaborative and co-operative partnerships, no actual 'sponsor' sits on our shoulders telling us what we should publish. In a world of compromised corporate media that is a very rare quality and is alone worth celebrating.

Our independence is upheld thanks to the support of our fanatastic tribe of readers, advertisers, retailers, film makers, writers and authors. Without you we would not be here today.

We are by definition an 'edge' species, one which thrives on challenge and innovation. We hope you will never completely be able to define us and that we will manage to keep you guessing. We will always be exploring new ways of consistently meeting our original aims.

It is with delight therefore that we celebrate 25 years of publishing with our first collection of poetry, Ecozoa, by Helen Moore. Already hailed by the lauded poet, novelist and critic, John Kinsella, "a milestone in the journey of ecopoetics". This new collection of Helen's work was regarded as too 'political' by the publisher of her previous book of poetry and she was requested to tone it down.

Permanent Culture?

If we gag our poets and visionaries what kind of culture do we create? The answer is at best one force fed on a watered down, bland and compromised diet of mainstream media. At worst, a corrupt organ of progaganda, a media dangerously manipulated and in the pockets of a corporate world with no sense of responsible ethics for people or planet.

We want to celebrate our 25 years of uncompromised, edgy independence with this poetry collection. John Kinsella says about Ecozoa: "... nothing less than a declaration of nature's independence, a manifesto for human engagement that is inclusive, respectful and aware of the impact all of us make in our day-to-day lives on the earth's living body. In Moore is a feminist-Ginsberg-channelling-Blake - a voice we need, a voice that will not be silenced by vested interests. Though deeply crafted, these poems are no mere ornaments for our consumption… there's a terrible beauty that needs to be understood as an affirmation of all existence. If the poems hold to account, the book offers us a means of healing - it is a milestone in the journey of ecopoetics."

Here's a sumptuous taste of Helen's poetry from Ecozoa, something that is immediately relevant to all of our lives:


I call on the spirit of Owen

Gas! Gas! Quick boys!

Ah, Wilfred, how your cries resound in my head
but parroted by corporate vampires & undead
politicos all eager to suck, to pound
the last molecules of gas from deep underground.

Among all those poor lads' bones
Wilfred, you knew the tale of leaves,
of smothered ferns set down in prehistoric stone
and so assist us now to keep the gas within its shale
that it may never flare/escape/incinerate.

(And may the frackers' drills go soft, their stocks & shares evaporate!)

Still, witness the new lies peddled by fossilised minds
with licences, with mineral bribes
Funds! Funds for the boys! – the entitlement of State.


Keep an eye on Helen's website for all forthcoming appearances, including at Green Spirit's Universe Story event at The Barbican on 14th March 2015.

Inviting you to the Universe Story