Beyond the Gridlock of Climate Politics

John D Liu
Friday, 20th May 2016

John D Liu reflects on the signing of the Paris Climate Agreement, identifies the necessity of moving beyond politics into action and places regenerative agriculture and large-scale ecosystem restoration at the heart of change.

Reading the reviews of the Paris Climate Accord I get seriously mixed feelings. While this is a triumph in gathering humans together to talk, discuss and write about climate change ... this is an Abiotic Political Process. The meeting itself with people flying in from all over the world, a huge expenditure of energy for all the venues, hotels, the use of paper, fuel, emissions, hot air, .... are all actually negative impacts on the climate. It is necessary to process the rhetoric to see if this will help.

By studying ecosystems in all parts of the world I have observed that Human Induced Climate Change is a disruption to the Earth's Biotic Systems that is connected to massive reduction in Biodiversity, Biomass and Accumulated Organic Material over historical time. This is exacerbated by egregious emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases. These are physical disruptions to Earth Systems and in order to solve this we need to physically restore all degraded landscapes on the Earth.

Laws are written to force people to do things ... this is assuming that not only is it acceptable to tell others what to do ... but that the people cannot actually understand what is happening and need to be forced to do what is right.

There is another way. Consciousness is a more effective and certain way of ensuring that people will do what needs to be done. It seems logical that we should put our energy into educating about the natural processes that are disrupted and how to restore them instead of the political process which has remained in gridlock for decades since the problem was identified and now is celebrating that they will spend money at some point in the future to supposedly fix the problem.

While I have seriously mixed feelings about the political process I'm very heartened by the huge growth in regenerative agriculture and large-scale ecosystem restoration. Within these two thoughts are the new industries, jobs, functional ecosystems, food security, biodiversity, biomass and accumulated organic matter that we need to ensure a sustainable future for humanity. If climate policy and climate finance empowers people worldwide to follow the path that leads to restoration of all degraded lands with large-scale restoration of natural landscapes and simultaneously supports regenerative agriculture to replace the massively destructive and toxic industrial agricultural model ... then this can be seen as real progress.

More details about Climate Accord 1 here.

John Liu is a film maker and advocate for restoring ecosystems.

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