5 practical steps for feeling fulfilled

Beth Creedon
Sunday, 1st January 2012

Beth Creedon offers an easy five step method of how to bring the feeling of fulfilment into your life.

We can spend our time concentrating our thoughts so much on the future or the past that we forget to take stock of what there is to be pleased about in our lives today. So here's an easy five step method of how to bring the feeling of fulfilment into your life. 

1.) Take the time to stop and think

What do you like about your life right now? Be specific! The clearer we can be about exactly what it is that we enjoy or feel good about, the easier it is to create more of it in the future. When we look at what already brings us happiness and fulfilment in our every day, we can then just keep doing more of those things.

2.) Write it down

We know in the moment when things feel good, but taking the time to write down and record them allows us to look at them objectively. Just focus on what you like/love about all aspects of your life. Write down what is it that you like about your home, the area where you live, the people who surround you, the work, daily tasks, routines and hobbies that occupy your time, your financial situation, your abilities, your achievements and the skills you have. Write about your health and body, what you enjoy eating, when you feel invigorated and inspired. Don't forget the small stuff.

3.) Write some more

Go as deep as you can into each subject area, eg. whilst evaluating what you like about your home, consider each room in turn. How do you feel in those rooms, which objects do you like the most? Even consider the colours and the functional aspects you enjoy.

4.) Get creative

Now you have a list of what you really like and what feels good for you. Create a new list, inspired by the first, of short and long term things to do to bring more of what you love into your life. Again be specific. If you love nature and days out walking, try a walk at dusk on a clear night.

5.) DO IT

Plan and take action. If you really love board games and eating with others, arrange a 'Scrabble' dinner party this week. If you love feeling inspired, then inspire someone today. Live your life by design not default.

I enjoy regularly adding to my list and putting things in the diary to create more of what feels fulfilling. I love the simple warm relaxing glow of lit candles in the evenings, yet until I wrote that down I didn't do it as regularly as I do now!

Rather than concentrating on getting rid of things or changing what you don't want, start cultivating more of the good things NOW!

Beth works with individuals and groups to convert their free own thinking ideas into action. She lives in Manchester and loves foraging and feeding people. For more ideas about exploring your potential see www.bethcreedon.co.uk

escott400 |
Wed, 04/01/2012 - 14:25
Hi - I love the photo at the top, and also particularly #4 on getting creative. For me, creativity is so wonderful and therapeutic as well! Have a happy new year!
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