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Permaculture – earth care, people care, future care; is a bestselling international green/environmental magazine. Its 88 pages are packed with inspiring articles written by leading experts alongside the readers' own tips and solutions.

Published quarterly, this pioneering magazine is full of money saving ideas for your home, garden and community. It features thought provoking articles on:
• organic gardening
• food & drink
• renewable technology and green building
• education, health and economics
• transition towns and ecovillages
• personal and community development
• sustainable agriculture and agroforestry
• and much more

It is also full of reviews of the latest books, dvds, tools and products, details of courses and access to contacts who will help you achieve your own goals and dreams.


Permaculture offers innovative ways for you to deal with our changing climate and its effect on us all. Taking its inspiration from robust, biodiverse natural systems,Permaculture offers practical ways for all of us to live more sustainable, harmonious and productive lives.

Increasing numbers of people worldwide, including many celebrities and experts (there is even a permaculture garden at the White House), are taking their inspiration from permaculture and redesigning their lives. You can too.


Established in 1992, the print edition has over 100,000 readers per issue, and receives over 4 million page views a year.

Don't accept an era of cynicism, climate denial, greenwash and passivity, turn a new page and pick-up a copy of Permaculture

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