The Secrets of Water: the Work of Viktor Schauberger

Franz Fitzke and Jorg Schauberger
Tuesday, 27th December 2016

An excellent documentary on the genius of Viktor Schauberger and his son, Walter Schauberger, who spent their lives researching and utilising water's hidden qualities. A fascinating exploration of their groundbreaking discoveries and water's secret qualities, it begins with Shauberger's early work in the forest with log flumes in Austria. It goes on to explain how creating vortexes in water can cleanse the water and benefit our health and explores his free-energy devices.

It then explains why copper alloy tools and ploughs are effective, the vortex design of the Schuaberger plough and pipes, and much more.

Extraordinary that much of this work was kept secret for 50 years. Facinating documentary that we guarantee will stimulate!

For more information on Viktor Schauberger

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Film created by Franz Fitzke and Jorg Schauberger


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