Calling All Pioneers of the New Paradigm!

United Earth
Wednesday, 1st February 2017

Fed up with the current paradigm of scarcity, nasty policies that discriminate against ordinary people, and the drip, drip, drip feeding of toxic fake news? We are!

So here's a breath of fresh air. Here's a film about the founding of a global movement that speaks to the hearts and minds of all peace-loving human beings. It is becoming a mass movement that is rooted in common sense, universal values, cooperation and self-empowerment with the shared intention for all humanity (who want) to collectively transition into a passions-based society, a resource-based economy and localised transparent self-governance.

It is all about self-empowerment and telling the stories you rarely hear in the mainstream and Permaculture magazine are a part of it.

This is an important and straightforward way to self-empowerment that is derived from openly sharing the knowledge of how we human beings can co-exist in ways that respect and celebrate our diversity, our sovereign freedom, our unique passions and gifts, our individual and collective potential, and our planetary home. It is the power of knowing how we can re-design our political, economic and financial systems in ways that promote and support social and ecological generation.

See also the United Earth Solution-Awareness Toolkit.

This is a movement that is calling forth the wisest and most innovative solutions, practices, tools, mentors and guides existing within the Human Family today. It is through the intentional unification of the people who are already being and living the change we want to see in the world that we can gently, voluntarily and effectively attract the rest of humanity into this wellspring of practical inspiration and exciting new possibilities.

The Four Intentions:

1. Your intention and commitment to serve the planetary transition into a global culture of peace, equality, freedom, ecological regeneration and abundance for all.

2. Your support for the Open Invitation to all Transformational Philanthropists, Businesses, Celebrities, Institutions and Foundations Looking to Invest in Our Impending Global Transition into a Truthful, Peaceful, Just and Healthy Humanity.

3. Your intention to support and / or co~create The Synergistic Co-creation Quest and The Planetary Positive News Education

4. Your intention to support and / or co~create A Proposal for a Global Renaissance

AND share this video far and wide to help co-catalyze an evolutionary quantum leap!

We all long for transformation. May our collective resonance become the unified voice for whole-systems transformation that so many are longing to hear!

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