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Readers' Solutions

Plastic Trash and Small Boat
Rory Prendergast |
Wednesday, 23rd April 2014

It is becoming crystal-clear that our oceans are choking with plastic. An estimated 100 million tons of plastic debris currently swirls around in gigantic plastic gyres or 'garbage patches' in...

Plastered Room
Chris Magwood |
Monday, 21st April 2014

Imagine the walls of your home giving you a warm, gentle hug every time you are in a room. That's the way most homeowners describe the effect of clay plasters as a wall finish. Clay plasters are...

Cathy Ashley |
Wednesday, 16th April 2014

If you are bothered by neighbouring cats visiting your garden and treating it like a public latrine, fear no more. You can enlist the forces of nature and keep their mucky business out of your...

Glennie Kindred |
Saturday, 12th April 2014

A pond is essential for a healthy ecosystem but if you have a very small garden, a simple washing up bowl and some water mint is enough. Add a few rocks so that the birds can get a drink from it...

Anni Kelsey |
Friday, 11th April 2014

At its simplest, a polyculture of (mainly perennial) edibles will have plants of different heights or structures that snuggle up against each other comfortably plus some supporting plants to...

Holly Davis |
Friday, 4th April 2014

As we learn how vital microbes are to the health of our inner and outer ecosystems, interest in fermentation and its benefits are multiplying. Happily we are now rapidly reclaiming this...

slug skins 2300305.jpg
Rob Hopkins |
Tuesday, 1st April 2014

Fed up of the slimy critters destroying your garden? Well, as we permies like to proclaim, the problem is the solution.

Permaculture magazine |
Friday, 28th March 2014

A new style of shelter has been produced by architect and designer, Abeer Seikaly.

The collapsable shelter is made from a woven fabric, which can easily be destructed to make it mobile....